Review: Haunted Theme Parks

by Olivia Herbert/Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year when many people crave the horror festivities and the fright. People begin to frequently visit popular haunted houses such as: Indy Scream Park, Hanna Haunted Acres, Piney Acres, etc. These places include frightening attractions for people to walk through, with workers in costume throughout the location scaring as many people as they can. I had the chance to visit Hanna Haunted Acres and Indy Scream Park during my free time and they were very scary!

Hanna Haunted Acres had more of a variety of things to do like a haunted hayride, maze and the normal attractions, whereas Indy Scream Park only had the haunted house to walk through.

I personally enjoyed the atmosphere of Indy Scream park more than Hanna Haunted Acres because Indy Scream Park had a sitting area with bonfires and food and with workers walking around frightening others. Hanna Haunted Acres looked emptier and did not seem as well put together as the other park.

Both of the haunted houses were great experiences with my friends and brought great laughs and screams.  Each of the workers does a great job of scaring and entertaining at the same time. The paid actors, in makeup, help make your experience frighteningly realistic. Props, lighting, and the setting of each attraction also help create the spooky feeling people pay to come see during this time of the year. Visiting any of these haunted theme parks is recommended if you are a fan of horror movies, Halloween, or even if you just want to find something to do with a group of friends.

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