Personality Profile: Soccer coach, mom balances activities

by Schyler Slunaker/Staff Writer

Though Erin Clark is a soccer coach, she is also a mom and a second grade teacher.  Balancing all of these is pretty tough, but she said she figures it out a majority of the time.

“Balance for me is key. My family always comes first and then from there I have to prioritize what’s most important. For me, being healthy for my kids is so important. I want them to see me being healthy so they will lead healthy, active lives,” Clark said.

She became a soccer coach just over four years ago, and wants to show her team the passion and dedication she has for the game. Clark said, “Soccer was my life for so long and I truly love the game. I hope that by coaching, I can help the girls love the game and everything that comes with it.” A freshman team member Haley Arthur, 9, says “she always shows up to practice, and puts an effort in to help me become a better soccer player.”

Impacting players is a big part of the team as a whole, if you’re the coach, senior, or even a freshman. They all impact each other to be their best. Alex Rupley, 12, says “I will be graduated, but I am looking forward to seeing how the team will be and how they will work together this upcoming season. Hopefully they will continue to have a good record, win sectionals this year, and continue to get closer as a team.”

As if teaching, coaching, and motherhood weren’t enough, Clark practices CrossFit as a hobby and uses it to improve the soccer team. She said, “Crossfit is a high intensity sport that involves cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and much more. It is designed to prepare your body for the unexpected.”

Clark has been doing CrossFit for just about six years and has brought what she has learned into the girls routine, such as during the off-season scheduling weight training and applying such exercises during practice.

A soccer team member told us a little more in depth about how Clark incorporates her hobby into the soccer schedule.  Rupley said, “She had one of her CrossFit partners come in for a soccer season. Clark and Tristan (crossfit partner) made workouts for the soccer team based on what they’ve been doing at CrossFit. We even went to where she does crossfit to train as a team a few times.”

CrossFit is like any other sport, so they have competitions and tournaments. Clark competes in these competitions with her CrossFit team. She said, “I have always been an athlete so I do love the competitive side and I enjoy competing in crossfit competitions. I enjoy the way CrossFit makes me feel. I feel healthy when I am able to keep up with my kids and have energy to do what I need to as a mom.”

Not only is Crossfit a hobby of Clark’s but it’s also a way for her to make new friends and enjoy what she loves with other people other than her family. She said, “I love the social aspect of CrossFit, too. When you go to CrossFit, it’s a social time as well. I have made so many very good friends through CrossFit.”

Erin Clark