Personality Profile: French teacher encourages confidence with language

by Zoe Castle/Staff Writer

There are three different choices of languages to take at Greenfield-Central. If you chose or have chosen to take French, then you have met Mme. Amanda Brown, French teacher.  

Brown has taught French for 16 years. This is her third year at GC. Brown believes that it is important that students learn a different language in high school. “We live in a global society. Being aware of other languages and cultures can help you in the job field. Learning a different language gives students cultural sensitivity and can help you to put yourself  in other people’s shoes.”

Getting students to put themselves out there and try to learn a different language can be tough. If students feel comfortable in a classroom, they are more likely to not be as afraid to speak French. How does Mme. Brown motivate students to learn?  She answered, “By trying to build relationship with students to where they feel supported. I like to make things fun and goofy in my class.”

Steisha Gary, 12, has been positively influenced by Mme. Brown’s philosophy. “Mme. Brown has helped me to feel more confident when speaking a different language,” said Gary.

Brown has always wanted to be a teacher. “I can remember being in kindergarten and knowing I wanted to teach. I always did well in school, so teaching sounded like the best thing for me.” Although Brown  wanted to teach, she didn’t think she would teach French. “ I always knew I wanted to teach. In college I majored in Chemistry and minored in French. I hated Labs and changed my major to Math, still minoring in French. Then I met Calculus. I then finally decided to major in French.”

Brown has been to France twice, once when she was in high school and once when she was in college. Brown loved French culture, which influenced her decision.

Being a good teacher is about more than just teaching. It’s about the relationships you build with students and how you can help them along the way. “My ability to build good relationships with my students to where they know me and can have fun in my classroom is important to me. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself or be goofy in front of my students.”   

   Some students on Mme. Brown and her teaching.  “Mme. Brown is a good teacher because she is willing to push her students to be successful. She makes her classroom a fun and inviting place to be,” Gary said.

“Madame actually makes school enjoyable, even to those who don’t like school to begin with,” said Gavin Sims, 10.

Teachers are the sculptors of minds, having a teacher that you can feel comfortable around and be silly with is good. “My favorite thing about Madame is that she’s funny and caring. If you seem upset, she’ll check to make sure you’re doing okay. That’s what makes her a good teacher,” said Gary.   

Brown loves to teach all students, but if she had to choose her favorite year to teach, it’s sophomores. “Sophomores are my favorite to teach. They’re still goofy like freshmen, but have matured more.”