JSA Debate: The One-to-One Argument

By Zoe Anthony, Staff Reporter

In the Blue and Gold room a special  club has just started, and they debate about specific things that all students in our school either have a problem or completely agree. This club is called JSA and this week they debated about the one-to-one technology our school has.

They started out with a four corner activity. There was an agree, disagree, strongly agree and strongly disagree corner for each of the members to choose from.

“one-to-one technology gets more kids engaged in what they’re learning.”Lydia Wasson, 12, said from the strongly agree corner.

It was, “making students tired,” and “it is unhealthy to stare at a computer for more than two hours a day,” said a student from the strongly disagree corner. This young debater is basically stating that it is not ok to sit at a computer for about 8 hours a day and go home and use the computer for even longer for homework.

 “Today’s one-to-one technology also has students learning more about the new technology, but this could also lead to mishaps in the workplace,” said Elizabeth Ferguson, 12.

The way most students get answers is from the common search engines. When they are working and don’t know the answer to something such as a simple math problem, they would just pull out their phone and this shows that they wouldn’t learn how to figure out the problem on their own. Most people would think that it is the more efficient way to accomplish things, but as some of the debaters mentioned, “it isn’t always the most sufficient way.”

The agree corner had mentioned that there are many good things about the one-to-one technology. The computer usage saves paper usage for students and teachers, making it easier to do work. It also connects you with the rest of the current world.

This week’s debate was a very modern and exciting debate. There were many people who went, and they want more people to come. These debates are very interesting when stated in a teenager’s perspective and make the debate more intriguing.

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