Food culture in Greenfield

by Schyler Slunaker/Staff Writer

Lilly Frazier, Virginia Caballero, Aubrey Ewing, Lilly Ward, Brie Matney pose by their Iron Chef chicken dish.

According to the website lexicon of food, “Food culture refers to the practices, attitudes, and beliefs as well as the networks and institutions surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption of food.” Food culture can be found in all places around the world, even where you least expect it. Just like here in Greenfield, you may not know it but we have food culture just like New York City or Chicago would have.

“My favorite dish as a child and even now is my mom’s pork chops and corn on the cob. She puts the cream of mushroom on them and bakes them and it’s amazing. Plus I can eat corn on the cob every day of my life so that’s a plus too.” Addie Coil, 11. Knowing where you come from is huge because it helps you figure out who you are, or apart of you is.

“ My family and friends always love lots of bread and cheeses but even more so dessert. Growing up, at every family function, there was always dessert.” Laken Rosing, GCHS English teacher. The foods you eat as a kid can shape what you eat as an adult also. For example, when families make specific foods for a holiday such as a turkey at Thanksgiving or ham at Christmas. This can mold what you do for a holiday when you are an adult yourself and what you choose to make for your family then.

Special events such as Riley Days or the Strawberry festival and who we are with can impact what food choices or food-based decisions we make. “In my family, whether it is a funeral or holiday, we revolve around eating. Food is a thing that is required to live and it’s something everyone has to do so you might as well do it together,” said Coil.

Janelle Keusch, the Nutrition teacher at GC says, “ Food brings people together. It is a sign of welcome and hospitality around the world. Many times people gather around food because it is something we are all familiar with and can share together.” Food is very versatile and can work with any social event. It can help people that are grieving and even be there in times of celebration.