Wanted: School Spirit

By Bailey Shelton, Editor-in-Chief

With the final Homecoming for the Class of 2016 on the horizon, and the friendly competition of that week to look forward to, Student Council, athletic teams, and student body alike are preparing for a blast from the past.

This year, the theme is Decades, with the Seniors representing the 80’s, the Juniors, the 70’s, Sophomores with the 90’s, and Freshmen with the 60’s. The classic theme was chosen so that people could easily show their spirit, says student body president Hannah Edwards, 12.

“Our goal in Student Council is to have the best homecoming that we’ve ever had,” said Edwards.

This presents a challenge, though, as this year’s senior class has yet to win or even come in second for the past three Homecomings. Also, this year has such strong underclassmen, with the junior class winning second their freshman year, and with the new class of 2019 coming in. The senior class might have to put forth significant effort to avoid an upset this year.

“It is all about buy-in. The more members of the class who commit to events, dressing up, and participation overall, the better the chances,” said Ms. Laken Peal, senior class sponsor.

As graduation draws closer, the senior class can look forward to events such as the senior campout and an Out-to-Lunch day, but in first semester, the Class of 2016 must look for different events. However, Peal says that senior council members will be planning class-based events earlier in the year. On top of the senior favorite men’s volleyball match during Homecoming, the Class of 2016 may be looking forward to other events to unite the class.

Peal said that these events will be advertised as it happens, but for now she believes that as a school there’s a connection and personality that will make this year and this Homecoming great, not only for the seniors, but also or the student body as a whole.

“I would say it definitely changes from year to year; however, I have seen some great things,” said Peal.

With that, Homecoming is in the works for planning, with a full schedule already out. As that draws closer and closer, only time will tell if the Class of 2016 and the rest of Greenfield-Central High School will be up to the pride challenge.

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