Get Creative with Halloween

By Emersyn Fugate

Halloween is one of the best times of year! You get to dress up, watch scary movies, eat sweet treats, and decorate! Decorations are always super fun to see and set up. Well, at least when you understand how to set them up. Some can’t afford Halloween decorations or can’t find the ones that they aspire to have in stores. That’s why making your own Halloween decorations is a great alternative.

      There are so many great ideas on different websites on “DIY” Halloween decorations. Most of the supplies you need are super cheap and super easy to find. I found tons on Pinterest and other blogs. There were ideas of skeletons made out of grocery bags, trash bag spider webs, and many many more. So, I decided to pick a couple and try them out for myself.

     The first one i chose to do was a ghost made out of a white trash bag. It just took five minutes to make. All you needed was black paper, a white trash bag, a bowl, tape, scissors, and a table to put it on. The first step was to cut the black paper into the shape of a ghost’s eyes and mouth. Next, you tape those onto the head of the ghost, which would be the bowl inside the trash bag. Once you’re done with those two simple steps, you put it into the table and boom, you’re done. 

  The last one I chose was a monster box. All you needed was a shoe box, white paper, tape, scissors, and black paper. The first step is to cut a mouth whole out of the shoe box. Next, you take your white paper and make monster teeth. Then, you tape the teeth onto the mouth of the box. Next, you take your white paper and crumple it into balls, and tape black circles onto the middle. Finally, tape the eyes onto the top of your box. That’s all it took to make a cute Halloween decorations!

           Making your own decorations is super easy, cheap, and it feels good to know you made them. It’s a fun activity to do at parties, get-togethers, and sleepovers. I would for sure consider making your own Halloween decorations this spooky season.