How to deal with stress as semester wraps up

By Abby Mulligan/Staff Writer

During an average school year, midterms, finals, and even regular tests cause high levels of stress in students. But what relieves this stress? After asking several students, multiple methods for stress alleviation were revealed.

The first helpful tip was this: resting. Destinee Roberts, 10, says , “When midterms come around, I get stressed bad. I know this sounds cheesy, but I make sure I am well rested.” By resting, she feels her performance can be impacted because she is well relaxed.

Another tip that had an obvious level of helpfulness was studying. Roberts again states, “ I think that the way to become less stressed is to practice, and make sure you understand the material.” By studying, test material can be more easily absorbed and remembered, making test time less stressful. 

The final tip given: keep a quiet and focused environment. Daija Scurlock, 11, describes the importance of having a good study area. “Studying in a quiet environment helps reduce distractions and keeps you more focused. Keeping your phone in a separate room while studying will help with focusing too,” she said.

Most importantly, a tip from both teachers and students combined: keep a positive attitude. Kylie Gibson, 10, states that “positivity is key for keeping calm during testing.”

Another thing that helps improve stress recently was fall break. Many students believe that having a period of time with less work is helpful for overall stress levels. However, how does a break impact stress when school begins again? 

Overall, having tests and large assignments can be extremely stressful. However, following these tips could possibly alleviate some overall stress. So remember, keep calm and work hard!