What’s Hidden in the Corn?

by Kylie Burnett/Staff Writer

It was the late 80’s, and Heather Carry was on her way to a party at Chad the “jock’s” house. She didn’t really want to go, but all she would have done anyway would be just staying in her room and writing. Ever since Heather was a child she dreamed about being an author and publishing her own stories, especially horror stories. People thought she was weird, but Heather didn’t care. She didn’t care what the popular kids thought, or what her family thought. All she cared about was her stories, and what was on each page.

Walking in, the blaring music and smell of regret lingered through the air. Heather knew she shouldn’t be there, but she couldn’t help herself. Her friends Matt Prescott and Tiffany Lee suddenly clung to her like two scared puppies. “Guys, it’s just a dumb house party, I don’t even know why we are here,” Heather exlaimed. Quickly Matt replied with, “Well, some of us actually get scared, and not just of ghouls or monsters, but popular kids with lip-stained lies.” No matter how “evil” or cruel the “popular” kids were, Heather never really cared. As Chad and Rebecca “The It Girl” Cohen stumbled into the frightened trio, the group of five fell to the ground. One person was screaming, and Tiffany was almost in tears from hitting her head. Out of nowhere sirens screamed through the night and echoed in the ears of the guilty teenagers. “Everyone out,” Chad yelled from the floor. Two hundred kids, it seemed, poured out of the house. All of a sudden the sirens stopped, and it was dead quiet. Who wasl left was Heather, Matt, Tiffany, Chad, and well, Rebecca passed out on the floor. 

The house was as dead as a doornail. The five were just left there sitting in silence, not a word was spoken for at least an hour. Rebecca was waking up and, as usual, was confused. The clock suddenly struck 3 AM. 

As Heather and her dynamic duo was about to leave, the door slammed shut! A gasp from Chad echoed in the empty house. “I have to get out of here,” Rebecca screamed while pushing Tiffany out of the way. As everyone was frantically running around the downstairs, Heather stayed still and calm.

“Everyone sit!” Heather commanded. “Now seeing as how we are trapped in this house, I’ll tell you a story.” Heather was just trying to calm everyone down, but an evil thought came to her head, more like a scary thought. Rebecca and Chad laughed the idea off. “Ghost stories are for babies. We’re older now Heather.” 

Tiffany and Matt, looking as nervous as ever, both said, “Heather’s stories are true and terrifying!” 

“Fine, on with it than!” Rebecca shouted. As the four were sitting in a circle on the cold tile floor, Heather went scrambling around to try and find candles or something of the sort. She found two blood red candles and out of her bag she pulled out a lighter and her book. She lit the candles and picked a random page, the room was cold, but the candles seemed to help warm up the surrounding area. “Now let’s get started, everyone,” said Heather with a devilish grin. 

As Heather started separating the white-washed pages Matt and Tiffany were shaking while Chad and Rebecca couldn’t be less fazed. Heather began, “This is a story of friends, a cornfield, and one night that changed everything. As the wind grew cold, the starry night glowing above Greenfield, Indiana, it was a small quiet town, one with many cornfields. Like any night on Halloween a group of five teenagers decided to walk around. It started like any normal night, trick or treating, scaring little kids. No one knew what was ahead of them. These friends were all very different, but all had the same idea, to go into a cornfield. No one knows why it was like they were drawn to it. After a couple of houses they turned a corner and went down a windy country road. They all stopped in their tracks and the boy said, ‘There it is.’ Before them was an imposing field of corn. They eased their way into the field one by one. The sound of laughter filled the air when all of a sudden a blood curdling scream came from the middle of the field. The friends quickly gathered together, and each one was shaking in fear. 

Each friend wanted to leave, but when they tried retracing their steps, they ended up back in what seemed like the middle. One girl in the group said, “let’s split up.” So naturally everyone did. All of a sudden the light from the sky never appeared, and as each friend was trying to find a way out a crunch of the ground followed behind them. They couldn’t find their way out so each teenager was yelling and frantically trying to find one another. At one point the corn and the friends all stood still to try and find one another. One by one each scream of a child appeared. Four, five, three, two. Two were left they could see each other running, but never seem to find one another. The two spotted each other and started running to meet. As they were about to embrace each other in fear, a dark tall figure jump upon the boy and stared directly into the girl.  

An eerie voice screeched, “get out now!” She ran faster than she ever had. Reaching the end she tripped and was lying on the ground in pain. The sun started rising from the horizon, and as she was crawling her way back to the road, something grabbed her ankle and dragged her back. Those five teenagers were never to be seen again…”

“Was that scary enough for you?” Heather laughed. Chad replied “Okay, okay, that was creepy I’ll admit.” Rebecca was half asleep, and Matt and Tiffany were pacing the ground. A loud snap came from the house, and the front door swung open. Heather’s book slammed close and as she tried to open it, her hands started to burn. She dropped the book in rage. Matt, Tiffany, Rebecca, Chad, and Heather all made their way to the doorstep. To their amazement instead of the privileged neighborhood, it was a field…a corn field. Heather whispered, “I told you it was real.” 

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