Cougars Soccer breaks records, makes it to regionals

by Leah Olin/Staff Writer

Photo: Zack Bell, controls the ball and looks for an opportunity to get to the goal. 

Greenfield’s men’s soccer team has worked hard for their achievements of the season. The team had the opportunity to play in the postseason, finishing the season with an impressive 15-1.

The first team the boys played in sectionals was Shelbyville. Defeating them seemed simple enough. The ending score was 3-0, Cougars. Jordan Philips, 12, said of the preparation, “Before every sectional game, we scout the other teams and put them into our training. We find the weakness of every team and exploit it while also respecting their strengths.” Improving the GC team is an important way to make it to the top.

Next was East Central. The ending score was 4-0, Cougars. John Halvorsen, 10, pointed out his preparation before every game. “I’m listening to music before every game. It gets me in the right mindset. I’m thinking about how I’m going to play, how that will affect my teammates.” With Halvorsen and the rest of his teammates pushing themselves until they can’t anymore, that explains how they reached as far as they had.

The third game was against Mount Vernon. The ending score was 3-0, Cougars win again.  Mount Vernon and GC go back and forth with wins. With such a local team being the competition, it is easier to keep an eye on them and what they are doing to prepare for their games. 

Regionals Part I was against Avon. The final score was 3-2, Cougars. Avon was closest competitor at that point in the season.  Going into overtime, Cougars finally beat them in a close, but victorious game. Zack Bell, 12, broke the record for  most goals in a season with 34 goals during the game.

The fifth and final game was the second part of Regionals against Zionsville. Cougars lost, 4-3. The fact the team had the opportunity to play against them in general is a great chance to prove the skill of GC players.  Phillips said, “The biggest competition in the league would be Zionsville; they are a very good and strong team. It’s hard to beat a team that’s good while having almost every player being over 6 feet tall.”

The Cougars finished the season 19-2.

In training for their big games, the Cougars put in extra practice. Another big contribution to preparing to play is the mental aspect of things. Their mental preparation consists in part of building each other up with encouragement. “What pushes me to win is my teammates,” says Caleb Mundell, 12, “just knowing that there’s thirty some guys who practice all week with one goal in mind.” Having teammates in sync contributes to the mental preparation. 

When the players remember why they started playing, it hypes them up enough to get into the attitude necessary to play to the best of their abilities and to win. “I play soccer because I love the game. I’ve played it since I was a baby and it’s always been such a beautiful game. I play for my family because they want me to succeed and push me to be better and better everyday,” Halvorsen said. As a result of this type of motivation, the Cougars played their hearts out for the game they love the most.