Thanksgiving: GC offers opinions on traditional v. non-traditional dishes

by Josie Coughenour/Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, a day where everyone in a family sits down together, and enjoys a time of fellowship and camaraderie. As in the name ‘Thanksgiving’, it is a day when we give thanks for what we are blessed with. This tradition dates back to the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Indians. To them, it symbolized: peace and friendship. To us, it symbolizes all that we have to be grateful for.

Now, just like every other holiday, it may be celebrated differently. People may visit relatives, others go to a friends house, and some just stay at home with their immediate family. No matter where you go to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is embraced with a smile.

Now, the most pivotal tradition for Thanksgiving, revolves around the feast. That’s where all the rumbling stomachs and watering taste buds are satisfied. Now, there is no wrong food to put on the table at Thanksgiving, but everyone has this ideal picture of a ‘perfect’ Thanksgiving banquet.

A survey was taken at GC for what the main course dish was, for students, on Thanksgiving day. Out of 221 students 66.1% of them eat turkey as their main dish. 19.9% of the students eat ham as their main dish. 1.4% of students eat pizza as their main dish. Then collectively 12.6% of the students had varying answers. These varying answers ranged from: beef’n noodles, mashed potatoes, scallops, turducken, sushi, Chinese, ramen, and Mexican.

A student who enjoys non-traditional meals at Thanksgiving stated, “I like it because it gives Thanksgiving a different feeling every year.” A student who feels the opposite about Thanksgiving meals stated, “I like my turkey!”  Other students stated, “I don’t mind as long as I get to eat.” Humorous responses included, “My family leans more towards the traditional Thanksgiving meal because we are basic and lazy and not creative.” A different student specified, “As long as I get to eat.”

So, according to this survey, you can enjoy Thanksgiving, no matter what you eat. You may be a traditional family and eat turkey. You may be from another country, so you may enjoy traditional foods from that country. You may be a laid back family and enjoy ramen or pizza. You also may be that family that likes to eat something unique and enjoy eating turducken. No matter how you choose to fill your platter this Thanksgiving, just remember the food on the table isn’t what matters. What matters is with whom you spend Thanksgiving.

Try not to worry that much on what you eat, but more of who you eat with. Food will come and go, but the people around you stick with you. Be grateful this holiday, and don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ to your friends and loved ones when you see them.