GC students’ favorite memes of the moment

by Austin Tserlentakis/Staff Writer

Marcus Vise, 10- Marcus states his favorite meme is “[t]he one about Boomers. It really shows how the elders in the Boomer generation are. Nothing captures truly how much boomers can fail to use modern technology except for the memes about Boomers failing to use basic modern technology. To anyone that says otherwise, I say, ‘Ok Boomer.’”


Ethan Privett, 9-“Cursed images and videos are by far my favorite meme. Seeing random pictures and videos out of context is hilarious to me.”


Preston Wise, 9-“When the women are crying and yelling at the cat. The cat seems so relatable and funny to me. It’s like my mom yelling at me to get the kid’s menu when I’m 14.”


Brooke Whited, 9-“The mix of the Karen and Joe meme. I like it because it shows both funny viewpoints. Karen also reminds me of my mother.”


Ethan Starks-“TikTok on the clock is my favorite meme. It is the best meme I have ever seen.” 


Adam Saxon-“Even flex tape can’t fix that is my favorite meme. I think it is hilarious because it shows that even something as amazing as flex tape can’t fix my problems.”


Ian Gross-“Keanu Reeves is my favorite meme. Why he is my favorite meme, you may ask? He is Jesus reincarnated.”