Tips for traveling during the holidays

by Ashton Gillam/Staff Writer

Does it cost too much to fly or is it too long of a drive to where you are going?  Well, let’s find the best way for you to travel around Christmas time. With November coming to an end and Christmas creeping right up, prices will be on the rise during this holiday season.  Roads and airports are getting busier as people go to see family and friends all over the world.  

As most people would rather travel by air, most usually travel by car because it is much cheaper and affordable for families.  For the average family, they spend roughly around $2,432 for a family of four by flight (  As gas prices went down going into 2018, the average price for gas was $132.60.  Taking a train would mean that the average cost for a family of four is $360. Twenty-one percent of the total Christmas money is spent just on travel alone last year (

Some teachers offered their opinions about Christmas traveling and what they are going to do. Ms. Rebecca Fields, biology teacher, said, “Almost every year I travel on Christmas mostly by car but have flown a couple of times. Trains are fun, planes are fast, but cars get you there and offer you to leave when your family gets annoying.” After asking the teachers were they would be traveling this year Ms. Fields said, Great Wolf Lodge, Ms. Jennifer Holzhausen said she would be traveling to her parents’ house for this Christmas.  

So if you’re looking for a last minute flight for a nice little Christmas getaway, keep in mind prices often keep rising a few dollars every single day as the holidays get closer and closer.  Bottom line: Don’t delay buying a plane or train ticket or your wallet could be hit with a hefty procrastination fee. If you can’t afford to travel to family and friends and they can’t come to you think about getting together after the holidays.  Maybe take a trip to a fun destination. Ms. Fields jokingly said, “I would like to travel to Barbados and the Caribbean, or just to my parents’.”

 Some of the top 2019 Christmas and New Year’s Destinations in the U.S are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Orlando.  Some other surprising destinations include: London, Bangkok, Paris, and Seoul. By the way, January and February are cheap times of the year to travel all around the world.  So now that you know almost everything you need to know about Christmas traveling, go and enjoy yourself by celebrating a white Christmas on the beach.