Photo Opinion: What Are You Looking Forward To In 2020?

By Ella Maciel/Staff Writer
We asked some students about what they are looking forward in 2020, here are their answers:

1. August Breedlove, 12:  “I am looking forward to graduating high school and starting a new chapter of my life.”

2. Dylan Thomas, 12: “ I am excited to go to the army and boxing there.”

3. Meghan Brown, 12:  “ I am looking forward to college and deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

4. Julianne Hatcher, 11:  “I am looking forward to meet my last set of high school teachers.”

5. Makaela Bailey, 11: “ I am looking forward to senior year and the fun things it brings.”

6. Erin Kelly, 9: “I am looking forward to spending more time with friends and family.”

7. Elayna Morris, 10:  “I am looking forward to my license because then I can drive.”

8. Claire Bodell, 12:  “ Looking forward to going to college and being on my own.”