Profile: Sears creates ‘relaxed environment for kids’

by Abigail Castetter/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Mrs. Sears states this painting to be her favorite. “Suffragette is an homage to quilts and the role they played in women gaining the right to vote in America,” (Lisa Sears 2017). 


“I love art and it’s just something I am happy to do everyday,” stated Lisa Sears, one of the art teachers at GC. Sears teaches many classes including AP Art History, AP Studio 2D Art, Painting, Drawing, and Photography. She also sponsors many clubs such as the National Art Honor Society, Sunshine Society, Fine Arts Club, and Bring Change 2 Mind. Many students gather around her and some, such as Kammi Anderson, describe her as an exciting and lively person who is always at work. Sears balances being a teacher and an artist outside of school.

Sears went to college at the Herron School of Art and Design. She has taught at other Indiana schools before GCHS. “I taught at a K-12 school which was intriguing, fun, and an easy job,” Sears said when talking about other places where she worked. She also talked about a rough elementary school where she had been the only art teacher, saying it made a difficult job.

When asked about how she balances time and inspiration to do the things she loves, like personal art, she said, “I paint every day for an hour. I find that you set aside a certain amount of time and you always try to stick to that time for whatever you’re passionate about.” Sears said from 9 to 10 p.m. you’ll almost always find her painting something. She mentioned preferring to do art with acrylic and to not waste paint. She does crafts with her scrap, dried paint. Eventually, with time, inspiration will snowball into her art.

Kammi Anderson, a freshman student who hangs out regularly in Sears classroom, talks about her often. “She’s a chill person, unlike me, and it’s always fun when we enter ranty conversations with everyone in the room. She keeps up a good conversation with someone of my pace,” Anderson stated. Many students hang out with Sears, whether it be for extra activities or just to spend time. Anderson also mentioned Sears being someone you don’t feel afraid to talk to about anything, weird or serious.

Another freshman student, Makenna Hansen, who has had her for class and often floats in and out of Sears’ room talks about Sears’ class. Hansen stated, “While she does expect her students to follow rules just like any other teacher, she’s very flexible when it comes to her students’ needs, as well as allowing them to genuinely enjoy their time in her room as it is a very relaxed environment.” She spoke more about the entertaining sarcasm Sears is never afraid to use and Sears’ relaxed attitude.

When asked about sharing artistic interest with students she stated, “kids love art and I love art so everyone’s happy.” Sears has gained respect from many students, like Anderson and Hansen, who share her classes or activities. Students gather around her for guidance and her personality. She chose to be a teacher for the students and enjoyment of sharing hers and others’ art. She has become a prominent figure in many students’ lives and students in her class state they feel welcomed, no matter their beliefs or backgrounds.