Teachers, Students discuss their Favorite Candy

by Tyler Young/Staff Writer Photos by Tyler Young

Trick or Treat! Halloween is right around the corner and here are some of your Greenfield-Central teachers’ and students’ favorite candy, why they like it, and how much of that candy they could eat in one sitting. Journalism teacher Mrs. Jill Bernard, Principal Jason Cary, and PE teacher Mr. Micah Gerike, as well as several students, have disclosed their favorite candy.

Principal Jason Cary: Mr. Cary is the principal and he said that his favorite candy is Heath bars. Cary said, “I am not a candy person. But if I were to pick one it would be Heath bars.” He also said, “I could probably eat a dozen full sizes in one sitting, and I like the Heath bars because I like toffee.”

Mrs. Jill Bernard: Mrs. Bernard is a journalism and English teacher. She stated, “probably Snickers or 100 Grand.” She said, “I could only eat a few pieces or one full size bar, and I like them for the richness and the sweetness of the chocolate.”

Mr. Micah Gerike: Mr. Gerike is a PE teacher. Mr. Gerike’s favorite candy bar is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. “I like Hershey’s Milk Chocolate the most,” responded Gerike. He likes them because, “You can never go wrong with plain chocolate.” And finally, Mr. Gerike told me that he could eat, “7-10 full size chocolate bars.” 

Caleb Means: Caleb Means is a student in grade 10. Means’ favorite candy is 3 Musketeers. “3 Musketeers is my favorite candy bar.” Means also said, “I like them so much because it just melts in my mouth.” He then said, “I could eat 3-5 regular ones in one sitting.” 

Elizabeth Blagburn: Elizabeth Blagburn is a student in grade 9. Blagburn’s favorite candy is a Twix Bar. “My favorite candy is Twix.” Blagburn said. She then responded with why it is her favorite: “It is my favorite candy because I love caramel and the cookie inside. I could probably eat four in one sitting.”

Isaiah Stevens: Isaiah Stevens is a student in grade 9 and told me his favorite candy. “My favorite is Sour Patch Kids.” Then he said, “I like them for the flavor and the sweetness plus sourness; I could probably eat 20.” 

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Some of your teachers and students at GC have disclosed their favorite candy, including your principal. Remember, if you go trick or treating, or celebrate Halloween in any way, please be aware of those around you and stay safe.