Holiday story: A Day in the Life of an Elf

By Kalei Griffin/Staff Writer

As one of Santa’s elves, I have many tasks to accomplish. Throughout the day, I am in charge of many things. It’s a luxury being one of Santa’s elves. Let me take you through my day! 

Each elf has their own room. Mine is located in the middle of, what we call, the Santa hall; its where the most prized elves stay. Santa calls me his “beloved elf”. Every elf wakes up around 6 in the morning. Some wakeup at 5 just so that they can get a head start, but I’m quite lazy when it comes to waking up so I stick to 6! Once I wake up, I go straight to the designated elf room(bathroom) and get freshened up. I brush my teeth and then do my skin care routine, which takes about 10 minutes. After that is done, I brush out my hair and begin to get dressed. My “uniform” is pretty simple: a hat, a snug dress, and a pair of pointed toe shoes of my choice(most of my shoes are bedazzled hehe). Once my whole morning routine is done, I head down to headquarters for a light breakfast. I usually have 3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, and two pieces of toast but sometimes if i’m feeling fancy, i’ll have some of Mrs. Clauses homemade cereal, aka, elf charms. It’s delicious!, but I prefer a warm breakfast. While i’m down in headquarters chowing down on my breakfast, I chat with my fellow elf besties for the meantime. We usually just discuss what we are doing that day, what we are going to eat that day, and sometimes, if there is any gossip going on, we will secretly discuss that as well. 

Now that breakfast is over, all of the elves head to the workshop to receive our tasks to complete for that day. Santa wakes up at 7 because he feels that he needs his beauty sleep in order to function. Once we arrive at the workshop, we wait patiently for him to come down and join us. Once he is completely awake, he joins us on the floor and assigns us our task(s). I usually get the honor of making the stuffed animals and legos; everyone else usually has the more boring jobs like making wooden cars, trains, assembling toys together, etc. It takes no longer than a few hours to make the desired amount of toys for that day, so after we are done, we just find something else to do. We can make more toys, clean, help Mrs. Clause cook, go sledding for a few hours, or have a snowball fight. We usually choose to either have a snowball fight or go sledding. 

After having fun, we join back together to have lunch. It changes every day so we have no idea what we are going to have. My favorite is chili with elf-shaped bread slices. Today we had creamy elf mac and cheese with tomato soup and crackers. It was so yummy! After lunch, we continue our snowball fight/sledding adventure until dinner. 

For dinner, we had a thanksgiving feast basically. Everything you can think of that you would have at thanksgiving, we had. With having a big dinner like that, most of the elves go to bed super early. It’s like they are in a food coma. We eat until we can breathe. Santa, after dinner, always eats a plate or two of chocolate chip cookies with two glasses of milk. When I eat a big meal like that, I have no room for cookies. I don’t know how Santa does it! At this point, everyone heads to bed and relaxes for a few before falling asleep.

You might think that elves are super busy 24/7 and that we don’t have any time to have any fun, but really, it’s the exact opposite! With that being said, that is a day in the life of an elf!