Dr. Olin, Mr. Cary discuss plans for next year’s COViD protocols

by Tyler Young/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Principal Jason Cary talks about COVID protocols and expectations for next year. Photo by Tyler Young

Have you wondered what the plan for the next school year is? Principal Mr. Jason Cary and Superintendent Dr. Harold Olin have revealed a sneak-peek for the Greenfield Central school system plan next year with COVID protocols, the schedule, and expectations.

Starting with Mr. Cary:

Q: Is there a set plan for next year?

A: “Our goal is to be as close to normal next year. Masks next year with students vaccinated could be flexible. The governor has mandated to wear masks at this point. No anticipation to go above the governor. Hopefully high school students get vaccinated.”

Q: How can we build from this year?

A: “We need to learn what works and what doesn’t work. The virtual option may stay next year. The Zoom meetings may become more a part of what we do. Hopefully there is more of what we can do from this year.”

Q: What is the goal for next year?

A: “As close to normal as possible. Traditional blue and gold schedule with kids all back eating in the cafe. Field trips and visitors hope to be back as well.”

Q: How are teachers going to be affected?

A: “Hopefully not at all. We hope they can go back to their normal careers with no sort of confusion or worry.”

Q: Will we return full-on or with a hybrid schedule?

A: “The goal is to start on a normal schedule. This last quarter was to go from hybrid to full-on last fall. We should be back as normal in fall.”

Q: What can students expect for next year?

A: “They can expect it to be as close as normal from the last couple of years. Hopefully we continue the process of returning to normal every day.”

All of those answers were from Mr. Cary. Now, on to Dr. Olin.

Q: What is next year’s protocol going to look like?

A: “The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has not shared a recommendation for next fall. We have sought to follow the guidelines established by the CDC, ISH (Indiana State Department of Health), and the Hancock County Health Department. We will continue the 3’ radius for contact tracing.”

Q: What should the returning students be aware of?

A: “Students can expect the same precautions from spring and we will not bypass any of them. These include social distancing, increased hand washing, deep cleaning of our facilities, contact tracing, and quarantine periods for infected individuals. But our beliefs are in our students’ best interests.”

Q: How will the vaccines come into effect for your plan?

A: “As of this day, I cannot tell you if we will require the use of masks in our schools in the fall. We may not even have an answer this summer, but I am always eager to hear the new set of recommendations provided by the CDC and the ISDH.”