Profile: Berger-Harmon leaves strong impression on students

By Jeanna Brown/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Mrs. Laura Berger-Harmon talks to students in Spell Bowl at a recent practice.

“A good teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others.”-Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Much like the candle, GC English teacher Mrs. Laura Berger-Harmon helps her students in any way possible.

Mrs. Berger-Harmon said the reason she wanted to become an English teacher was because of her love of reading. She wanted to share her passion with others and help students find pieces that they would enjoy as well. Mrs. Berger-Harmon also mentioned that she has been influenced to continue teaching because of her students. “My students are the reason I show up everyday and I want them to learn something about themselves and about literature over the course of the year. Luckily, my teaching has been influenced by what students could do utilizing devices and this definitely helped when COVID hit,” stated Mrs. Berger-Harmon.

Teaching during COVID can be a struggle. Mrs. Berger-Harmon stated, “I quickly digitized assignments and tried to find ways to make assignments easier to manipulate through different platforms. Finding ways to keep students engaged is what keeps me searching for new ways to implement ideas in my classroom.”

Lillie Pratt, a former student of Mrs. Berger-Harmon, said that Mrs. Berger-Harmon was a very good teacher. “She would always help me when I needed help. She would always have one on one meetings with her students to discuss what we were learning, or struggling with. I liked how she explained things when she taught.”

 Pratt continued, “Mrs. Berger-Harmon was very sweet, but sometimes she got off topic. She would always motivate me to do my best by telling me to do my best and making sure I turned in assignments. Mrs. Berger-Harmon is a great teacher, but if I could change one thing about her, it would be how much work she gave out. Sometimes she would give out a lot of work and that made me feel overwhelmed, and stressed.”

Destinee Roberts, senior, said that Mrs. Berger-Harmon was a great teacher. “She was always here to help me, even when I did not want to do my assignments. She always made sure I understood what was going on and if I didn’t she would go out of her way to help me until I did understand.”

Roberts also said, ” I would describe Mrs. Berger-Harmon as helpful. She would always get to her point quickly, yet efficiently. She would always give us time to do our assignments in class, but sometimes she would give us too much work that we would have to finish it at home.” Mrs. Berger-Harmon has made a good reputation for herself. Whenever students ask others about her, many compliment her. 

Mrs. Berger-Harmon has been teaching for 15 years. Berger-Harmon has taught at three different schools in different states. She started her career in IL, moved to FL, then moved back to IN. Mrs. Berger-Harmon is the co-sponsor for Student Council. She also coaches the Spell Bowl team. She has even choreographed for the musical the last three years.

Teaching can be very hard at times. When you first begin teaching it can be hard to get used to the teaching style. Mrs. Berger-Harmon has had to adjust to new schools and teaching styles three times because of several moves. It takes a strong individual to be able to do this. Mrs. Berger-Harmon leaves a great impression wherever she goes.