GC students reflect on past Halloween Experiences

By Caleb Curry/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Jake VanOsdol, 9, and Keaton Kuntz, 9, review information about Shakespeare in class. VanOsdol and Kuntz reminisced about Halloweens of the past in the article.

Halloween is a time where kids dress up in costumes and go door to door looking for candy. However, at some point everybody has to grow up, and you cannot keep dressing up and collecting candy forever, although people can’t outgrow their memories of Halloweens in the past. Anything from a favorite costume to a favorite candy, there are plenty of aspects of Halloween to remember. So what is it that students remember, and how do they celebrate the holiday now?

    One of the most memorable traditions of Halloween is dressing up in costumes. Kids commonly will wear costumes of superheroes, ghosts, and vampires. Each person’s favorite costume will differ based on experiences. Freshman Jake VanOsdol said, “Jake from State Farm is the favorite costume I had as a kid. It was just such an interesting costume and nothing has come close to being as good as that.” VanOsdol’s costume is unusual, and untraditional, but it is memorable for people that would have seen him. 

Kishan Patel, a freshman said, “The costume that I loved the most would have to be when I dressed up as a police officer.” Clearly this sight is very different than dressing up as an insurance agent. Freshman Keaton Kuntz said, “I remember how much I loved being dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.” Once again, this a drastically sharp contrast from the previous costumes. The difference and creativity is something that makes Halloween so unique compared to other holidays. As kids these students were able to dress as whoever they wanted and go out and get free candy. Costumes are a staple of the Halloween season and create memories that can stay with you forever.

    There is nothing quite like the end of trick or treating when you sit down and examine your haul. Each candy has a different flavor or texture, and people enjoy different candies. Some people like chocolate, whereas others prefer fruity. Each person’s opinion on a certain candy bar is vastly different from their friend or neighbor. “When it comes to Halloween candy, nothing comes even close to Milk Duds,” VanOsdol said. “The way they are hard, but still chewy mixed with the flavor produces the greatest candy of all time.” Nathaniel Easington, an author for Forbes magazine, released an article titled “The Most Popular Halloween Candy In America, By State”. In the article a list of the top ten overall candies was given with Milk Duds not making the cut. “Snickers would have to be my go to. Nothing is more iconic than the taste you get from biting into a new Snickers for the first time,” Kuntz said. Snickers are a classic candy that have been around for a long time. According to Forbes, America ranks Snickers as the eighth most popular candy each year. The all time favorite candy of America according to Forbes is the classic Reese’s Cups. Without candy Halloween would not be quite the same. Kids love sweets and regardless of what their favorite candy is they’re always looking forward to satisfying their sweet tooth on Halloween.

Unfortunately at some point everyone grows out of things they enjoyed doing as a kid. Halloween tends to be a holiday that becomes less and less celebrated as kids get older. Dressing up becomes less interesting sounding, and candy just does not seem as enticing. “A couple years ago I just kinda phased out of trick or treating,” VanOsdol said, “Recently I have gone to parties or hung out with my friends on Halloween.” Kuntz said, “Usually now I just sit at home and my mom buys me candy from the store. It kind of just becomes a lazy night for me.” Patel said, “I haven’t celebrated Halloween for three years. One year my mom asked what costume I wanted to go as, and I just said I didn’t want to trick or treat.” The tradition of trick or treating does not last forever, but Halloween is usually celebrated by everyone.

Halloween will continue to be special for young children each year. Kids will still pick a costume, get candy, however someday they will grow out of it. As kids grow up the common way to celebrate Halloween changes from trick or treating to partying. The way you celebrate Halloween may evolve, however the memories you make could last for a lifetime.