Profile: Davenport details day in life of history teacher

by Alex Smith/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Davenport helps a student with her assignment. Photo by Kensy Alfaro

Mrs. Kelsie Davenport, history teacher, who has been teaching U.S. History & U.S. Government for 11 years, talked about what it is like to be a history teacher. She said, “My favorite part of teaching Social Studies is helping students recognize the significance of history in shaping the present and applying practical government knowledge to their everyday life.” 

Dakota Herald, 12, discussed what his favorite thing about history with Davenport is. He said, “I love the way that she teaches because she’s really loud and all the lessons are well thought out.” Bryce Hasty, 11, also talked about his favorite part about the class. He said, “It is a class I enjoy. The notes are easy to do and (we have) very little school work.” 

Herald talked about his least favorite thing about the class. He said, “Coincidentally, the amount of notes. She gives out a lot of notes but it actually helps a lot.” Davenport discussed  her least favorite part of being a History teacher is. She said, “My least favorite part of teaching is grading. Feedback for students is so important, but grading can be monotonous for me.” Hasty also commented, “My least favorite thing about History with Mrs. Davenport is nothing.”

Herald discussed what Davenport does to help him learn. He said, “The amount of notes she gives. The amount of notes helps me learn because I write them all down so it’s a lot of information I get to study and to help me understand everything.” Hasty  said, “Mrs. Davenport gives us easy to understand notes and assignments.” 

Davenport talked about what she wants kids to learn about in History class and what her number one goal was. She said, “In U.S. History, my goal is always for students to understand context and how history has shaped our politics, our economy, and our culture. In Government, my goal is to equip students to understand how government works & use that knowledge to grow as citizens.”

Hasty mentioned what Davenport does to make History class fun. He said, “Mrs. Davenport has a very loud and fun personality.” Herald also talked about what makes the class fun. He said, “She’s really loud and she makes discussions fun and she just makes it easier to stay focused in the class.” 

Herald told a memorable story about Davenport. He said, “I would say whenever we tried to veto her when we had the bills.” Davenport talked about what the most memorable moment in her teaching experience is:  “Every year, graduation is a memorable moment. Watching students realize what they have accomplished and reflect on their time here at G-C is such a rewarding experience.”

Davenport discussed how she keeps the kids engaged. She said, “Real world connections, a sense of humor, and mutual respect go a long way in a Social Studies classroom.” 

Herald talked about what he will remember the most about Davenport after he graduates this year. He said, “Probably just the way she teaches. It helps me a lot.” Davenport commented on what she wants kids to remember about her: “I want kids to remember that I worked every day in their best interest, that I was part of a team rooting for their success.” Hasty discussed what he is going to remember the most about Davenport. He said, “I am going to remember the excitement from class.”

Davenport commented on who the most influential teacher in her life was and why. She said, “One of my high school English teachers was my most influential teacher. She focused on practical skills, had a great sense of humor, and expected us to meet high expectations.” She also talked about the teachers or mentors that she follows on social media. She said, “I always follow people on social media that have good energy & passion for what they do.”

Davenport discussed what her favorite lesson or activity to do with the kids is and why it is her favorite. She said, “In U.S. History, I love any time that we are interacting with primary sources that build analytical skills for students. In Government class, the game board project is my favorite way to have fun and demonstrate how much students have learned.” Herald talked about what Davenport has taught him about in U.S. Government this year. He said, “Basically everything. About senators, bills, candidates, all the districts and states. Everything basically.” Hasty also talked about what Davenport has taught him about in U.S. History this year: “Mrs. Davenport has taught me about everything from when America was founded up to the beginning of the first World War in U.S. History this year.”

Davenport commented on how she balances her work and home life. She said, “I try to have clear boundaries to make sure that I’m not extending my work day too often into my time at home.” Davenport also talked about what she does outside of teaching. She said, “My husband and I are almost always working on a renovation project. I also spend a lot of time with friends and family, particularly my seven nieces and nephews, going to see live music, and continuing my search for the best burger in Indianapolis.”