“Let The Sun Come!” GC’s Jazz Band Brings New Type Of Symphony To Our Ears

With Dedication And A Dash Of Swing, The Jazz Band Brings a Fantastic Show.

By: Jacob Torrez/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Mr. Chris Wing leads the jazz band for the jazz concert last Wednesday, Dec. 1.

  With everything in the world, people from all walks of life will always mess and fiddle with it, jazz being one of these “fiddles.” 

“Jazz band is unique in that it focuses on a more communicative type of music,” said Joseph Woodburn(12), a long time member of the jazz band. When Woodbury was asked about what he liked about the band, he responded with: “Limitations aren’t extreme, and as a drummer, I can play to my tastes and never keep things the same.” In a typical jazz band, the player has more creative freedom to do what they please. In Joseph’s case, he may play different styles or can change rhythms. His limits have been drastically reduced, same with Elias Apodaca(12) , A long time veteran of jazz bands having 6 years of experience. “Instead of playing black notes on white paper we get to be free with inflection,” stated Abodaca. 

    Jazz bands, and there are three at GC, will differ from normal bands and normal classes in that it is much more social than other bands. You have to know your players, the drummer, the soloists, and the pianist. Everyone has to be in sync for a beautiful sound to happen while in a jazz band. With all of this soloing and crazy “jazz” happening, the entire band has to be in tune with one another in order to keep it all from collapsing or sounding bad. With this, the jazz band has affected people’s lives in a positive way by helping them make friends and learning valuable social and life skills. Abodaca stated: “Jazz band has opened up many things from my taste in music and what I like doing in my free time. Jazz band has made me want to play more jazz outside of school.” Jazz band is also a place where you can come to express yourself in your playing; These notes are no longer linear, they are relative to what you the player feel like (to a limited extent), and Woodbury had to agree, saying, “Jazz band has always been my absolute favorite class because it’s the most directly expressive, collaborative facet of my week,”

    The jazz band has always been one of the most collaborative, expressive, and social classes with many styles of music and art to perform, but it all ends up with a beautiful concert for all people to attend. A typical concert consists of all 3 jazz bands performing their pieces for an audience. Elias stated: “Our performances are normally 3-5 tunes. We do a little warming up beforehand.” These pieces that were at this performance that happened last Wednesday, were “Somba, Uno Mas,” and a reprised version of the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun.” These concerts can range from a typical auditorium visit, to a full steak dinner, with each performance being more impressive than the last. It helps keep you on your seats does it not? Waiting to hear what the band can bring with all types of songs. It does have you wanting “Uno Mas.”