Students gain valuable experience in workforce

by Tyler Young/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Gary Rincones, 11, works on his Algebra when he has unscheduled time.

Students can learn a lot with a part-time job: responsibility, decision making, and saving money they’ve earned. Here are some Greenfield- Central students who have shared what they’ve learned in their place of work.

Gary Rincones, 11, works for the Greenfield Parks Department. He said he helps take care of all the parks in Greenfield. Rincones shared his position at his job. “Right now at the age of 17 I am a seasonal worker, but since I can drive I have better benefits than most.” Rincones also discussed some of the things he does at work. “The main of my job is taking care of parks and locations in Greenfield. During all the seasons I work on keeping the parks clean and looking good. I mow the grass at either Brandywine or Riley Park. I also cut down trees before new projects are being built as we speak, I have worked on the grounds and use machines. I even work on lawn mowers when they are not working.”

Rincones talked about how his job affects his school work. “Since I don’t take half days I only work during breaks during the school year, but I do tend to help as much as I can.” Rincones shared when he started his job. “I started working in the summer of 2021 and I enjoy working there. I have met new people I consider great friends and I get to sit down with the mayor and talk about projects.” Rincones shared about life lessons that he’s learned while working. “My job has taught me that life isn’t easy and it’s a struggle having to work long hours everyday to receive a paycheck that will benefit your family. I learned that hard work does pay off as we do so many projects and it takes a very long time to complete them but in the end it all pays off. It has also taught me a lot of leadership skills.” Rincones said why he got a job. “I wanted to get a job because I wanted to support my family in ways apart from doing well in school and playing sports. I also wanted to know what it was like working as an adult so I could get the experience.” 

Rincones shared about why he chose where he works. “I was doing an Eagle Project here at Riley Park. I built the picnic tables around the parks but just being in the environment and really seeing the idea of helping and taking care of something really spoke out to me.” This is Rincones’ message to students looking for jobs. “When you are looking for a job many people look at the payroll, and trust me it’s important but don’t get yourself into something you don’t enjoy. No matter what you’re getting paid, find something you like to do.”

Caleb Means, 11, works at a restaurant called Marina 27. He said he is a wait assistant. Means shared the things he does at work. “The things I do for work is cleaning tables, changing the table cloths, filling the water, and helping the waiters with whatever they need.” Means talked about how his work affects his schooling. “My job doesn’t affect my school because I work in the summer.” Means also shared about how long he’s had this job. “I’ve been working at Marina 27 for about 2 years now.” He also talked about life lessons he’s learned at his job. “My job has taught me how to be patient with others and don’t say yes to everything.” Means also shared about what made him get this job. “My dad said I should start working there so he basically chose where I should work.” This is Means’ message to those looking for a job. “I would recommend that you just look for something that interests you as long as you are wanting to do it enough.” 

Jackson Roeger, 10, at CED Indianapolis and is a warehouse worker. Roeger shared what he does at his job. “I pull, put away, and label stock; unload and load shipments, backorders, ups shipments.” Roeger talked about the effects of school and his job. “It doesn’t affect my school work at all because I work during breaks.” Roeger also talked about how long he has had his job. “I have had my job for about a year now and plan on being there for a long time.” Roeger shared the life lessons his job taught him. “My job has taught me how to manage a schedule and has taught me what it is like to be an adult with responsibilities.” Roeger talked about what made him get a job. He said,  “My uncle and my own interest. I always wanted to work. I really enjoy working and working with my coworkers.”

Roeger revealed why he chose to work at CED Indianapolis. “I chose this place because my uncle works there and because of the work environment. I have no complaints about working there at all, everyone there is respectful and helpful.” Roeger finished off by giving advice to those who are seeking jobs. “I would recommend that you don’t get a job because of the money but because of the people around you. You don’t want to go to a job that you regret coming to everyday.”

It sounds like students are getting a lot from their jobs that they might not get from a classroom. These three students also had some great advice for those who are now able to find a job that would be helpful in the future.