A Day in the Life

by Tyler Young/Staff Writer

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? is a background about a day in the life of a student/staff or connections to Greenfield Central High School. Three people kindly gave their connections to the school.

Josh Alley, grade 10, discussed a day in the life for a golfer for the high school team. “So first off I get out of school at 3:25 like everyone else. I get in my car and drive to Hawk’s Tail Golf Course, which is where we practice. I get there and talk to my teammates and friends. I also grab a drink from the snack bar and then head over to the putting green to do some putting drills before Coach Wiley gets there. Once Wiley gets there he talks us through the practice for the day, and once he finishes talking we get straight to it. Some practices include hitting on the range or doing drills on the putting green. We usually do that for an hour and once it’s over some of the team goes out and plays nine and then I go home.” 

Alley also told us about the nine holes. “It’s a fun time, we usually play nine seriously but we also do some fun stuff and sort of gambles but not gambles with money involved.” Alley also gave more information about Wiley’s drills. “The one we do the most is you make 10 putts straight from 3 feet and then you move back 2 feet and make 10 in a row and you keep doing that until you get to 11 feet where you get 5 putts and make the most you can. It’s hard but makes us better.”

Jeanie Hull, or Mrs. Hull, is a librarian at Greenfield Central High School and she talked about her work at the library and what it’s like and about. She talked about where she started working. “I started work here at Greenfield.” She was also asked where she was born. “I was born in and grew up in Anderson, Indiana.” She told us about her favorite thing about the library, “I enjoy seeing all the kids coming into the library wanting to read.” Mrs. Hull also talked about her cadets and how helpful they are. “This year especially they are helpful to me and the library.” She was also told us the effect COVID had on the library. “Last year the library was off limits and this year it is limited to how many people can be in the library.”

Lastly, Trot Scholl grade 10, talked about his connections to Greenfield Central. “I have lived in Greenfield for my whole life, I am a student at Greenfield Central, and I play on the golf team,” he said. He was asked if his parents went to Greenfield, “My mom did go to Greenfield and my dad didn’t.” He also told us about the most significant thing that happened to him. “I met a lot of my friends recently through golf over the last few years.” Lastly he talked about his interests and hobbies, “I play golf for the school, I work at Cracker Barrel, and my favorite video game is Madden.” 

What’s Your Story? is a very interesting topic as it can show who a person is and their interests, which is a story that some may not consider interesting but it can really be one if you find the right people.