Senior spotlight: memorable moments, achievements, looking ahead

by Alex Smith and Jeremiah Edwards/Staff Writers

How has your senior year been so far? What stands out to you about it?

Brynn Elliott: It has been great! I think I have made more memories than I ever have before this year.

A.J. Springman: It was really fast, honestly. What stood out to me is how emotional the final choir concert was. I was expecting me and my friends to be in absolute tears hugging each other.

Kathryn Root: Stressful but the most meaningful, the most emotional.

Hunter Reed: It has probably been the best school year of my life. There has been so many fun events that I’ve been to.

What are you looking forward to in the last few weeks of school? Why?

Brynn Elliott: I’m looking forward to senior brunch, I think it will be really fun.

A.J. Springman: Getting closer to graduation

Kathryn Root: Feeling like I officially accomplished a milestone. I’m less stressed than I have ever been and feel proud.

Hunter Reed: Getting out of here.

Are you ready for high school to be over? Why or why not?

Brynn Elliott: Yes I am, I’m just ready to get away from some of these people and start a new chapter in my life.

A.J. Springman: I am but I’m not. I just wanna stick in madrigal and legacy with Mr. Grazzard but in the other hand I’m ready to get out into the world and pursue my dream of acting.

Kathryn Root: Absolutely! I can’t wait to go to college and be more independent. I’m so excited for moving and exploring.

Hunter Reed: YES! Freedom!

What are some memorable events during high school that will stick with you even after graduation?

Brynn Elliott: Definitely all the shows I have been in.

A.J. Springman: The last choir concert and how emotional it was and probably he goofy moments I had with teachers.

Kathryn Root: Drama Club and Choir. The family atmosphere and community in both groups has given me life lessons and irreplaceable memories.

Hunter Reed: Choir concerts, prom, madrigal dinners, homecoming stuff.

How did COVID affect your high school life?

Brynn Elliott: It was a lot harder to get things done because of all the distractions at home.

A.J. Springman: It made my grades plummet

Kathryn Root: I don’t remember two years of it really well but on the academic side, I remember the plays and concerts.

Hunter Reed: Choir concerts, prom, madrigal dinners, homecoming stuff.

How did you feel about the COVID mask mandates coming to a sudden halt?

Brynn Elliott: I was pretty okay with it

A.J. Springman: I honestly couldn’t care much

Kathryn Root: Finally! Hallelujah! This is what life was like!

Hunter Reed: (The mask mandates) made junior year miserable for me.

What do you wish you could’ve done differently during high school?

Brynn Elliott: I wish I would have done more with friends. I used to not find time for them and I wish I would have.

A.J. Springman: I wish I tried to enjoy my time in high school more.

Kathryn Root: Stress less and sometimes not care so much about the small things.

Hunter Reed: Getting better grades I suppose.

What are some achievements that you’re proud of? What else are you looking to achieve?

Brynn Elliott: I’m proud that I was apart of our theatre department. I want to achieve my goal of making it through college.

A.J. Springman: Being casted into a TV show, getting a trophy for legacy. I’m looking forward to being casted into my productions

Kathryn Root: Being a Tech Head and Stage Manager of Drama Club. I can’t wait to keep building.

Hunter Reed: I’ve made so many friends and I’ve became far more popular than I was in high school, so I’m definitely proud of that.

What are your plans for life after high school? Are you excited about it? Why or why not?

Brynn Elliott: I am going to be a musical theatre major at Oakland University and I am so so excited. I can’t wait to meet so many new people and start living independently!

A.J. Springman: I ship out for basic training in Fort Leonard wood. Honestly it’s alright

Kathryn Root: I’m going to the University of Dayton to study Civil Engineering. I will then later focus on Structural Engineering. I can’t wait to go do labs and literally break and build stuff all day.

Hunter Reed: I plan on forming a rock/metal band, and/or I plan on getting into wrestling.