Profile: Mr. Wherry returns to GC

By Connor Griffith /Staff Writer

Photo caption: Mr. Wherry working on his computer.

Mr. Steve Wherry, a new assistant principal at GC, was previously the principal at Knightstown High School. He used to be a math teacher here at GC before leaving to go to Knightstown. Mr. Wherry came to GC to be closer to his family. His daughter is a senior here at GC and this move helped him get on the same schedule as her. Mr. Wherry stated, “I’ve spent a lot of time in Knightstown on their schedule which caused me to miss vacations and trips.” 

        “The biggest difference here from Knightstown is the size difference,” Mr. Wherry stated. Mr. Wherry said the most difficult part about moving here was leaving everyone he knew, and cared about. Mr. Wherry stated he wasn’t worried at all about coming to GC. “Being an administrator for so many years, I’m used to change.” When speaking with Mr. Wherry said quite a lot about how excited he was to work with administrators he highly respected such as Mr. Jason Cary. 

         “Mr. Wherry has been such a tremendous addition to our building,” stated Mr. Cary.  GC administrators Mrs. Susie Coleman and Mr. Jason Cary both had similar responses. “Mr. Wherry has been a great addition to the admin team at GCHS,” Mrs. Coleman said. 

Mr. Wherry said he wants to learn names and grow relationships with students here at GC. It seems like he has already been starting.  “I do love how he has learned names and faces,” stated Mrs. Coleman. 

        When asked about why Mr. Wherry is an administrator, he stated, “I already had been taking my courses for it, and when the opportunity came I didn’t look back, I just went for it.” 

“I look forward to the level of competitiveness (in sports),” stated Mr. Wherry while we talked about what he is looking forward to. He said he liked the amount of people who were involved. “I enjoy seeing different opportunities here,” Mr. Wherry said.

When asked about going from a principal to assistant principal, Mr. Wherry said he didn’t have a big ego, so he didn’t mind working under a principal he respected. “There is no ego in Mr. Wherry. He just wants to show up and make GC a better place,” stated Mr. Cary. 

“I have no worries [about] coming to GC. This is where I want to be,” Mr. Wherry stated. He is happy to be here, he made that very clear. He is happy to get to know every student, and staff member. Most importantly Mr. Wherry is happy to be a part of GC.