Girls basketball is ready for season

by Kynleigh Martin/Staff Writer

Girls Basketball at GCHS is about to start their season on October 27, scrimmaging against Anderson. Coach Bradley Key is hoping for a fun and successful season. He is very proud of the fun and upbeat atmosphere the team has created. A lot of girls on the team have spoken about the family-like bond. Addi Herron is a Sophomore returning to the team this year and she mentioned one of her favorite parts of being on the team is the family dinners they do. “We have a lot of fun and we’re all really close,” Addi Heron said. 

Kaycie Moles is a freshman who will be playing basketball this year. She is eager to learn more about the game and really likes the girls. Moles said, “I’m really excited to progress my skills and get better as a player and a person.” Coach Key mentioned how he is looking forward to really working with the freshmen and developing their skills. Coach Key thinks this is the year they can really turn the team around and he is excited to win more games. 

Madi Moss is a freshman who is playing basketball this year. Coach Megan Dawson has really had an impact on Moss. “I am excited to learn from Dawson and Key and have a great season,” said Moss.  A lot of the freshmen playing this year are excited to take the jump from middle school and start playing more competitively. Coach Key is ready to work with hard-workers and competitors players: “If you put in the work and are competitive, I can do something with you,” he said.

The season officially starts on Nov. 3 when the girls will travel to Greenwood.