Senior Baseball players weigh in on season

by Trot Scholl/Staff Writer

Greenfield Central baseball’s season is underway with a record of 10-5-1. This team has done a lot leading up to the season to get them to this point.

Like every athlete and teams, players do rigorous amounts of training and conditioning to prepare themselves for the season and hope for it to pay off in the long run. Senior Brodie Mayberry stated, “The work I have done during the off season has helped me a lot so far into this season.” Junior Owen Zumbolo said, “I would say that the training and conditioning has paid off very well, we wouldn’t be nearly as coordinated or work as well together without all that time practicing.” Senior Grant Shepherd said, “I think the training and conditioning I have done, and the team has done has definitely paid off this year.” 

Every team and players set goals for themselves before the start of the season, and GC baseball is no different. Shepherd stated, “I don’t think I have fully accomplished my goals but there is still a fair amount of games left to accomplish them.” Mayberry said, “We started off really hot and hit a cold stretch, but now we are back on track and we are closer and closer to reaching our goals.” Zumbolo said, “I mostly say yes. There are still some things that need to be worked out, and almost any problems I have right now are purely mental problems.”

Showing emotions about your team is very common. The most common emotion is happiness and how happy you are with the team. Zumbolo stated, “Honestly, I think we have a lot more potential than we are showing right now, and we really aren’t getting beat by teams because they are outplaying us, we’re just losing to ourselves.” Shepherd said, “I’m pretty pleased with myself and the team, we’ve had some ups and downs but overall I’m pretty happy.” Mayberry said, “I would say I’m still not satisfied with the way we are playing and with our record as we probably don’t have a chance to win the conference.” 

For every team and every player, there is some sort of motivation that drives this team to be the best and do the best they can, and that’s not different for GC baseball. Mayberry stated, “We have 11 seniors this year, all with one goal, to get to sectional title so we stay on that path every day.” Zumbolo said, “I think everyone on our team is a very competitive person and just wants to win.” Shepherd said, “The motivation for us this season has been wanting to win a sectional championship and everyone knows what we have to do to accomplish that goal.”

With the season coming to a close soon, the best we can do is wish the best of luck to this Cougars team.