Commitment to Graduate

the following is an archive piece from the 2014 September issue of the Cougar Review.

by Ross McMichael

The G-C Class of 2018 experienced their own Commitment to Graduate presentation on Tuesday in the G-C Auditorium. The Commitment to Graduate program has been in place for seven years now. Jason Pope of Jostens, the academic merchandise company, has been working with this program from its inception.

“The ceremony was created by educator Lisa Spain for a dissertation. The goal was to determine if a marketing plan focused reinforcing the importance of education would improve the perception of students that learning was essential,” said Pope. “As we sell symbols of educational success, yearbooks, class rings, and what-not, it is a great marketing strategy for Jostens.”

The ceremony entails a visual presentation by Jostens to the Class of 2018. Students traditionally will then participate in a mock-graduation ceremony and sign a banner, signifying their commitment to graduate. But this hasn’t actually taken place since the ceremony for the G-C Class of 2015. In past years, the class signs their commitment banner in their lunch periods.

“I think it just hold kids accountable. I see kids walking by the banners all the time. And those banners are a visual reminder for our students that they have made this commitment,” said Susie Coleman, assistant principal. “Graduation is always something that we’re focusing on, and the ceremony is a great way to spearhead that goal.”

Pope said Josten’s goal is that all students have a wonderful high school experience that prepares them to be successful. “We are proud that we get to play a small supporting but important role in those four years.”

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