Freshmen transition to high school

by Steven Coffin/Staff Writer

The last days of junior high are hard. For one, students have finals to take, and they also have the haunting image of what high school is like.  This year, students have positive thoughts about the high school, and the thing that most junior high students are worried about, has actually been quite fun for the new freshmen.

Jillian Lennon, 9, said, “Over the summer, the thought terrified me,“ when reflecting on her thoughts about high school.

Alli Horton, 9, on the other hand was only “mainly worried about getting lost.” Soon, incoming freshmen learned that high school isn’t very different than the junior high, and it might not be as scary as they first think.

Horton likes the new schedule at the high school.  She stated “Back at the junior high you would have 7 classes in a day, so there was a lot of stress. Now you see your classes every other day.”

Lennon said, “I feel as if everyone understands that you are just trying to get by with grades and other activities. “

Freshmen seem to like GCHS.  Lennon said, “I like the high school due to the feeling of a new atmosphere. I feel as if I came a long way from recess and snack time. It’s a lot different than I imagined as a kid. When I was a kid High School Musical was my only experience with high school. Now, I feel as if it is no place for song or dance, only just to improve my skills in knowledge.

 Horton gave a brief response that summed all of her feelings up. “I think it’s a great school,” she said.

Eighth graders also hear scary rumors about upperclassmen during junior high, but Lennon said, “The peers I have interacted with have helped me throughout the first week. I realized that upperclassmen actually aren’t as scary as some junior high students would actually believe.”

Lennon thinks that the high school is better than junior high due to maturity and self-identity. She stated, “At the junior high, everyone was trying to fit in. At the high school, everyone finds themselves and feels that they are who they are. I feel that there is a lot of friends that you lose resulting in actually realizing that you can be a lot better, and stronger. At the junior high, everyone was still trying to friends with everyone with exceptions. Junior high was a safe place for hiding worries and doubts you thought no one understood. Junior high was also the place where it was a field of friendship land mines. Now, at the high school, everyone is in the same boat with stress. At the high school everyone accepts what you are, because sooner or later, you find other people like you.”

Jacob Eddington, 11, came into the high school two years ago with the same feelings of the new freshmen.  “I like having blue and gold days and not having the same classes everyday. It makes it a little different each day,” he said. “It is kind of the same as regular junior high, and pre-high school.  It just actually affects our future now”. So feelings toward high school probably haven’t changed much over the years. Freshmen have usually tended to about high school, but they quickly realize that high school is just another chapter in their academic lives.


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