Soccer teams off to a strong start

by Chloe Hulen/Staff Writer

Greenfield-Central boys’ soccer and Franklin Community both fought very hard on Sept. 6. The outcome of the game was 1-1.

This year the boys said that they are doing great. John Estridge, 12, had said, “We have had a very successful year so far, going 4-1-1 and many more games still to play.”

Luke Tuttle, 12, said the season was going great. “We are just getting prepared for conference and county.”

The girls said they were hard working and very focused on their goals, too. Alexandra Rupley, 10, said, “I would say that it’s turned out to be great so far. We’ve been working really hard and improving so much.”

Many of the freshman have contributed to both the boys’ and girls’ teams. Esther Michael, 10, said “Our freshmen are definitely a key part in our team’s success. They are great. We have several new upperclassmen as well, and they are fitting right in.”

Trenton Pierce, 12, said, “We have two freshmen in the mid field who have improved our play: Zach Bell and Caleb Mundell, who make it nearly impossible for the other team to go through our midfield along with our junior and senior captain that are there with them, which we were nowhere near having last year.”

Many teammates have said they have improved personally and as a team.  Mundell said, “We are a very talented team this year but still have things to get better at every day. Our captains  and coaches do a great job making sure that we come to work every day on what we need to work on.”

Lucy Conner, 9, said, “The team is putting 100% effort in it by never giving up and always keeping our heads up.”

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