GC cheerleaders take state, focus on future

by Sam Kihega/Staff Writer

Picture: Varsity cheerleaders Maci Montgomery, 11, Khloe Shockley, 10, and Marissa Gallo, 11,  lead the Cougars in a cheer during football season.

Greenfield-Central Cheer has had a year that was worth watching. They won state with all their hard work from not only the cheerleaders, but also from their coach, Ms. Laken Peal.

“Winning state gives us a chance to not only celebrate our accomplishments but also to set a standard for our program. It acknowledges the hard work and athleticism that is required to be successful in cheer, and it helps to reaffirm our program’s ability and potential. More specifically, now, we work on skills we want to accomplish for next year’s competition season.” said Coach Peal.

Ava Dickmann, 12, said she was proud of the cheerleaders’ accomplishments as well.

With this being my last year, winning state is bittersweet. I could not have asked for a better end to this season because we accomplished what we aspired to,” she said. Dickmann followed that statement saying after every practice the team would break on the word  “rings” because when you win state, you get rewarded with rings.

Coach Peal spoke about the future after winning state. “With basketball, we are looking forward to working in tandem with our Pep Band. They are they best supporters we have at basketball games, and we love hearing them play as well as chanting with them. They truly get in the Cougar spirit, even when others have a hard time doing so,” she said.  

Another varsity cheerleader, Paige Towle, 9, talked about how different this year was from last year. “It is very different. At junior high practices it was a lot more laid back. This year I felt more pressure, since I was a freshman. The actual routine itself was so much harder this year.”

Towle added that the atmosphere at games and competitions was also a change from the past. “Last year, you were lucky if the football players at least looked near you while you were cheering. This year we have students in the stands to cheer with us. It is more fun to make faces at your friends while you do the motions to a cheer than staring at an empty section in the bleachers,” she said.

Towle also pointed out what she would like to see happen in the future for the cheerleaders. “I think that throughout the years, I would like to see us work on being cleaner and making everything perfect. Even when we hit everything in the competition, we weren’t as tight as we know we can be. I think when we learn to be tighter and make everything hit, people will think very highly of our team.”

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