JSA Winter Congress set for February

by Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Caption: GC JSA president Frances LaBore, 11, and James Fitzgerald, current JSA member, speak at a recent JSA meeting.

JSA, formally known as the Junior State Of America, hosts many conventions and events that members are allowed to attend. In Greenfield Central High School, there is a chapter of JSA that strives to spread critical thinking, the development of arguments, source analysis, and the art of public speaking. The club itself allows students to elaborate their love of politics and discuss thoroughly, important world issues.


Winter Congress is known as an “incredibly interesting” experience, as Frances LaBore, current JSA chapter president, described. Winter Con is a trip where students involved in JSA get the chance to explore and test their debating skills.  “It is my favorite event because the members write the bills and defend them. One truly gets to see the large amounts of interests like environmental concerns, taxes and the economy, and human rights”, LaBore stated. According to various members in the Junior State Of America at Greenfield Central High School, Winter Congress is wonderful and seeing the sights is absolutely beautiful.


Mr. Kevin Potter, JSA teacher advisor who is serving his first year of teaching at Greenfield stated, “this is a great opportunity for students to meet and interact with like minded peers from across the country. When we go on our trips (whether to Cincinnati as we did this Fall or Washington DC later this Winter) students get a chance to make new friends and network. The social side of JSA should definitely not be overlooked”.

Starting February 17th till the 19th, students get to explore Washington D.C, including all the monuments and political buildings. Students apart of the Junior State Of America meet, socialize, unite at gatherings, play fun games, and create new friendships.Tyler Elam, 10, JSA member at GCHS said, “WInter Con gives me a chance to meet new people and enjoy both, fun and educational experiences”. At Winter Congress you will experience everything from back room logrolling to the fiery speeches made on the floor of the House and Senate. Overall, Winter Congress for the Junior State Of America, is the event to attend.


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