Personality Profile: GC freshmen create website, graphic design company

by Adrian Lotshaw/Staff Writer

Zachary Perkins, a Greenfield-Central freshman, has created a company called Deranged Computing, along with Greenfield freshman friends, Zach Wolfe and Dylan Thomas

This business makes website and graphic designs, along with website hosting and search engine indexing.

Perkins said, “I have always wanted to start a business in high school. As a freshman, I made that dream come true.”

The main things that he had to know when starting a company was that  as a company leader cannot keep letting people bring you down. One must keep pushing forward. With that in mind, if it means dropping a worker, one must drop a worker.

Perkins is the owner and main coder for Deranged Computing.

Perkins stated, “The hardest part about running our company is keeping enough stamina to keep pushing forward. This is because there are constant anchors in our way, from a management standpoint.”

The plan for the future of Deranged Computing is taking it day by day. All Perkins expects from the company is being able to run a successful company and end up selling it by his senior year of high school for money for college.

Thomas is included in the production of this company by being the graphic designer for Deranged Computing. He says that he has always loved art and creating things. Thomas said joining Zachary in the creation of Deranged Computing was a great way to start off his career.

Wolfe is the supervisor in the company. His job is to help out Perkins in maintaining and making the websites they create. He stated that his interest in scripting websites and the ability to solve complex problems made him want to join the business of Deranged Computing.
Perkins said that there are many things to look forward to in the production of the company. He said, “There will be times where I just want to give up but I know that it is not the right thing to do.”

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