Personality Profile: Greenfield fire chief prioritizes helping the community

by Hailey Dodds/Staff Writer

As a child, everyone is told to stay away from fire, but Chief Jimmy Roberts has made a career out of being on the fire department.

Being a firefighter isn’t always about fighting fires; there is so much more to it than that. At Station 21 in Greenfield, Indiana, Roberts never takes a break. He’s on duty three days a week, but that doesn’t stop him from helping the community in anyway that he can. He involves himself in the Indiana Firefighters Association (IFA) by attending meetings and donating goods to whatever it is the organization needs.

Co-worker and personal friend Bryan Marr, a member of Greenfield fire department, had nothing but good things to say about Chief Roberts and the rest of the Greenfield Fire Department. Marr repeatedly mentioned Chief’s selflessness and leadership skills. “He would do anything at any time to help out with the community as much as he possibly can,” He continued, “He does things that inspires me to be more like him.” Chief Roberts is involved with multiple organizations outside of the department. He said that his favorite is the annual Hancock County Riley Day parade. He, and the rest of the Greenfield Fire Department, get involved for the week-long parade. They host food stands and give tours of the fire station. They even allow kids, to climb into the trucks to get a feel for the thrill.

Jeffrey Dixon, who is also a member of Greenfield’s fire department, states that after working with Chief Roberts for a total of just over 25 years, that “Chief does things that most members can’t admit to doing.” Dixon said that Mr. Roberts goes out of his way to help people of the community, one of which is by volunteering at the IFA meetings.  

Through the things that Chief Roberts does with and without the fire department by his side, such as being involved with the sports and programs his children are involved in, he has the fire department behind him with whatever it is that he decides to do, and the fire department is definitely his number one way of helping the community as much as he can. From the point of being a first responder, he has the opportunities to save the lives of innocent people throughout the community.

Chief Roberts has made a lasting impression on those he works with and on those throughout the Greenfield community. He has stepped up and taken a difficult role in the fire department. Although that occupation might be quite challenging, considering that it takes a lot of patience to help people that may be distressed or unaware of their surroundings, he has managed to do an outstanding job. He will continue to inspire and motivate those around him.

Chief Roberts has made a career out of the fire department. His selflessness helps people through the community and through the fire department, and anyone could agree that he will not be leaving for a while; unless it is to help someone in the community.  Marr said, “He would definitely do anything to put another person’s life before his own. It’s not because his job tells him to, it’s just the kind of person he is. That’s the kind of person this community needs.”

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