FFA Week: Fun-filled phenomenon

By Sam Kihega/ Staff Writer

FFA week has been something that a lot of people have been ready for. Starting with some spirit week in our school, to a teacher breakfast, to drive your tractor to school day. “FFA Week is a week filled with fun activities for not just FFA members, but their school to get involved and see what FFA is,” said Calista Overman, 11, FFA president.

“During FFA week, we have a different theme for each day throughout the week. Not only do we have themes, but we have other activities going on that day also, whether it be fun or community service,” said Maggie Bova, 11.

FFA week is a lot of fun for the whole school and not just the members, but it does have a meaning behind it. Some members said the meaning of the week is becoming more as one whole group, giving back to our community, and growing with the chapter. “I hope to take away from this week that more people are wanting to be involved in FFA,” said Emily Jones, 12.

Many people like to believe that you have to come from an agricultural background to be able to join FFA, when really it is open for anyone.  What FFA wants people to know is that the group is very accepting of anyone.

“FFA week is open to participation for non-FFA members, too,” said Jones.

You don’t have to come from an agricultural background, or live anywhere near the country. It’s all about what your interests are. I don’t live on a farm and I’m still in FFA,” Bova said.

“I would like for people to know that FFA isn’t just for students with an agricultural background or interests. It’s for anyone who wants to better their leadership and personal growth along with their career success,” said Overman.

“You don’t want to miss out on the fun that FFA week holds,” Jones said.

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