A Dog’s Purpose Overcomes Controversy

By Haleigh Baker/ Staff Writer

Do you love quirky movies about dogs? Then A Dog’s Purpose is definitely for you. A loving dog, Bailey, portrayed by Josh Gad goes through different lives with humans to discover the meaning of life and his existence. He is reincarnated as different canines throughout the course of 5 decades, and forms the closest bond with a boy named Ethan (Bryce Gheisar.) When Bailey  and Ethan are separated by death, Bailey struggles to form a real bond with his other families. When Bailey and Ethan reunite in the end, all is right again.

Despite how innocent this movie sounds,  there has been some controversy about the making of this movie. During the making of this film, there was a video released of a dog performing in artificial rapids that outraged PETA. The dog was whining and was really hesitant going into the water. She was not happy. They believed that making a dog perform in this kind of environment would put a huge stress on the dog, which is very unhealthy so they asked people to boycott A Dog’s Purpose. Aside from the conflict, this adorable, family-oriented movie teaches young children about the “meaning of life,” and how everyone has a different purpose. It also shows how dogs are treated in different family situations. From playful to more serious, this movie covers a lot. A Dog’s Purpose brought laughter, contemplation, and even tears to the viewers.

A Dog’s Purpose was a very enjoyable film. It appeals to the animal lover in everyone. Seeing the love between dogs and their owner brings a smile to the faces of the viewer. The summaries online can be very confusing, and make people get the wrong idea about the film. Although this movie is more aimed for a younger audience, it is easily entertaining to your average adult. The overall plot of the movie was very entertaining. The actors in this movie did a great job of portraying the love of their dog. The movie was very true to real life. If you love movies light- hearted and meaningful than you will definitely enjoy A Dog’s Purpose.

Photo accompanying article courtesy of adogspurposemovie.com.

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