Linda Ostewig and the Landing

By Zoe Anthony

Linda Ostewig is the director of The Landing, a recovery program for teenagers. She has been working in this program for two years, as long as it’s been up and running, since October 9th, 2013.

“I am most passionate about helping people learn recovery and finding freedom from their hurts and addictions,” she says. This proves she takes this program very seriously and is very loving of her job, and the people who go. She has learned a lot from the people she has worked with the past two years. “The Landing program has taught me a lot and the students have been amazing. I have always had a heart for young adults / students and they have really showed me they care about life and the world they live in. They care about each other and are really like family! I just love them.”

“Linda Ostewig spoke life into my brokenness when I met her,”  Kristina Carlock says. “She told me that there is no condemnation in God. She has been the most inspiring and loving leader in my life. I asked her last year to be my sponsor and I meet with her once a week to grow in my faith. She is the most loving person. She is a true blessing to Hancock County and she has a true heart for ministry and recovery for the younger teens.”



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