Prom preparations underway

By Maria Kihega/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Sarah Kelley, Ms. Amanda Brown, and Haidyn Goodwin are just a few members of the prom committee, which is planning for Prom April 29. 

Prom is coming up on the calendar and students and faculty are excited to hear about the preparations to make the wonderful night happen.

The prom theme this year is Enchanted Forest and is being held at the Hyatt in downtown Indianapolis on April 29. Of course, there are fundraisers going on currently to help raise money for the location and decorations to make the whole event come together. The prom committee is doing their best to make prom one night to remember.

“We[prom committee] are hosting chuck-a-duck during half-time during basketball games and hosting fundraisers are Dairy Queen on Thursdays,” says Haidyn Goodwin, 11.

“We are still coming up with more alternatives to raise money for prom, which will happen when the date gets closer, but for now, chuck-a-duck and Dairy Queen is what is happening,” says Sarah Kelley, 11.

Jewelry is also being sold for those that are looking for accessories and hand-me-down dresses and tuxes are being sold for the Fairy Godmother donation for those that can’t afford a dress or in need of a last minute selection.

“There are really nice selections of jewelry this year and there are many pieces that can go with many different colors of dresses,” says Haidyn Goodwin, 11.

“We are willing to accept prom dress donations and tux donations to help those that can’t afford one. The price range will depend on how old the dress is and in what condition it is in, but we are looking at placing them around ten to twenty dollars at most. Last year’s donation was really nice and helped a lot of people out,” says Kelley.

For those that are willing to go out and buy a new dress, there are multiple stores to choose from. A big hit is Raelynn’s Boutique in Greenwood and David’s Bridal. Some others include Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Windsor. For the gentleman, shops that sell nice tuxedos and suits are Men’s Wearhouse, Louie’s Tux Shop, and Sophia’s Bridal, Tux & Prom.

 Other than getting dolled up, one of the best parts of prom are the decorations. Last year’s theme was Masquerade, which made the scenery have lots of blue, white, and pink. There may have not been many masks, but many students seemed to enjoy themselves. So, what kinds of colors and other decorations can expect for this year’s prom?

“There will be lots of pastel colors, because we want the room to feel magical and enchanting,” says Ms. Amanda Brown, prom committee leader.

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