Senior commits continue to college

by Maria Kihega / Staff Writer

Drey Jameson, 12, sets up at bat.

G-C has its fair share of talented athletes and some should be recognized for committing to continue their sport into their college career. There are multiple students who are going to a wide variety of universities to play the sport they love.

There are so many things I can credit my Coach and Coaches for. Coach Laker has taught me, as well as all of his players, to do things ‘the right way.’ This is so important in basketball, but more importantly, in life. I am forever thankful for the life lessons Coach Laker has taught me, and any school will be so lucky and blessed to have him as a Coach,” says Madison Wise, 12.

Madison Wise, 12, is committed to playing basketball at Iowa State and has scored over 2,000 points and made over 1,000 rebounds in her high school career.

“I have learned a lot from my high school career. Some things include battling through adversity, and becoming a better player and person thanks to my coaching staff. These things will stick with me forever, and I hope to do the same at Iowa State University. I will miss the coaching staff, they were the best in the country. Coach Laker is second to none,” said Wise.

Another star athlete is Drey Jameson, 12, who is committed to Ball State University for baseball, and who currently holds the record for most home runs and strikeouts this year for the Cougars.

High school sports have had a huge impact on me,” James said. “Not just the sport in general but the coaching behind it. All my coaches are more worried about the people we become then the athletes we are. So they have made me a better person which have made me become a better athlete. This will help me not just in college but after college as well. I am looking to play baseball past the college level. College is to prepare me for the next step of baseball and what I am going to do after my baseball career.”

Jameson also played basketball for G-C, which also impacted the type of athlete he is today. Not only did he learn from his baseball coaches, but also from his basketball coaches as well.

“I was always told that you can’t teach toughness and I think that is a huge part in any sport. If you don’t have toughness you don’t have heart, passion for the sport, and you won’t grind when you need to. This was told to me by Coach Lewis. Coach Lewis has had a huge impact on me my last three years here at GC,” said Jameson.

This proves that it doesn’t have to be just one person who teaches you new morals or lessons; it can be numerous people along the way to give you new motivation. Not only did that occur with Jameson, but also Morganne Denny, 12, who is committed to Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne University for softball. Denny currently holds the school record for most home runs and earned defensive MVP as a sophomore.

“Coach Stewart has taught me a lot about the game and the mental part of it, but Coach Laker has also taught me to never fall down and to always stay up, which is why I think I’m as tough as I am now. I will definitely miss the all the teammates and friends I made and especially my sophomore year when the softball team won sectional and broke five school records,” said Denny.

Other GC athletes who are continuing their sport in college include seniors Emily Jones, Spencer Hert, and Emily Diehr, have also set records and have seen their hard work pay off.  

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