Greenfield-Central band competes in ISSMA

by Adrian Lotshaw / Staff Writer


The Greenfield Central Bands are competing in the ISSMA Contest. The Intermediate band competition is being held at Decatur Central on April 7th. The Advanced Band will be competing on April 28th at Warren Central.

The Intermediate band is performing four pieces and one of those is a piece the members have never seen before. They will be sight-reading the fourth piece. The band is performing Tricycle, Rain and American Riversongs.

The Advanced band is preforming four pieces as well as the Intermediate band. One of the four will be sight-reading. The other pieces that are being performed is the Third Suite, Free Lance March, and Perseus.

Jared Coyle, freshman and a trombone player in the intermediate band, says “to be completely honest, I am not really that nervous about the contest because I know that we will walk out with a gold.”

David Lopez, sophomore, and  a trombone player in the advanced band, says “I know that we will do great and come home with gold ratings.”

Mr. Wing and Mr. Basso has announced that the Intermediate band has gotten a gold rating on both the concert and in sight reading on April 7. Basso said, “The judge for the sight-reading has told us that we were the best that they have seen throughout the whole day.” The advanced band will be performing their pieces on April 2 at Warren Central.

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