Lisa Sears the Artist

By Chase Ehlers

Lisa Sears, once a pharmaceutical bound student, until she later changed her career to become a tattoo art. She then realized that the customers were far too uncomfortable and creepy for her taste, and she finally decided on the best fit career for that balanced her love for art and love of people, teaching art.

In addition to teaching, she’s also an avid artist. “I paint every night, for at least a few hours.” With painting every night, she’s able to hone her skills for her shows, for which she has at least four shows every year. She’s also traveled all across the United States, and also to France, for which she has been exposed to many different techniques and forms of art, better diversifying her skills and form in which she paints and produces art. Lisa’s many assortment of tattoos also represent her as a person and tell a story of where she’s been in life. On her forearm she has two tattoos that read “Never Despair, and Never Conceed” written in Latin, which both remind her of when she battled and beat depression as a teenager. Her tattoo on her shoulder of the majestic statue, “la victoire de samothrace”, shows her devotion and love for art.

Her immense love for art has been expressed through her expansive history of educating children on how to express themselves through art. Her first teaching job, at Rising Sun School, she taught everything from kindergarten to twelfth grade about art. After leaving Rising Sun, she taught at an Indianapolis Public School. There she helped change the lives of underprivileged and neglected kids. She found it to be “frustrating” and “angering” to see the children affected by poverty and neglect. After moving to Greenfield Central High School from an IPS School she’s found GCHS to be the best place she’s ever worked.

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