Cary will provide ‘fresh eyes’ as top admin at GC

by Grace Gray/Staff Writer

After almost two decades at Greenfield Central, principal Steve Bryant will be retiring this year. After a successful run from Bryant, the search was on for a candidate who could fill Bryant’s shoes, the replacement being Jason Cary.

Cary has spent the past seven years at Peru High School, four as principal and three as assistant principal. Coming from Peru, a school of about 660 students, he will now be overseeing a school of around 1,500 students, the largest high school in the county. “My initial thoughts on GC are how nice everyone is and what a great community it is” said Cary. “I can’t wait to move my family down here. It seems like a great place to have a family.”

Assistant principal Susie Coleman said Cary should be a great fit for the administrative team. “I think we are ready for a fresh pair of eyes here.”

As for athletics, all are hoping for a smooth transition. Freshman dancer Kaelie Kinder said, “I hope we get someone in here that cares about sports like Mr. Bryant does. If that happens I don’t think we will have any problems.”

“I love going to sporting events, so I can’t wait to put on my blue and gold and cheer on the kids.” said Cary.

Junior football player Zack Kennedy said, “I’m excited to see what a new pair of eyes will do for GC athletics this year.”

“I think this is what GC needs, some new insight and new eyes, and we are hoping for a smooth transition,” said Coleman. “He fits with this staff very well, and we are hoping for the best.”

As for changes next year, “There is nothing broken here at GCHS. There are no major issues. We just need to approve upon what is already great,” said Cary.


Photo courtesy of Peru High School website