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Your Stories: Mental Health Awareness

Information compiled by: Analicia Cass/Staff Writer

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Green ribbons symbolize support and awareness for others.

Despite what many people think, mental health disorders are common in teens. One out of five adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder; this includes depression disorders, anxiety disorders and severe behavior problems. ( 112 of the 170 responses to a survey answered by students at GCHS recently said that a student, or someone they know, deals with depression. From the same survey, 120 out of those 170 responses answered that they, or someone they knew, dealt with anxiety.

Spreading the word about how people manage daily with a mental health issue is important in the the steps to making that rate go down. It can be beneficial to hear others’ stories and to get help to change yourself because of them. The following anonymous stories are real stories of students here at Greenfield- Central. They are stories of the students who were strong enough and brave enough to come forward and share what happened. (Please see mental health resources and phone numbers to call to get help at the end of this article.)

Without further ado, the anonymous stories of your peers:

Some days I wake up and I don’t want to get out of bed. It’s not like the typical “I’m too tired. I don’t want to go to school.” It’s like I physically can’t find the will to get out of bed. It’s the constant search to find a reason to live. Most days, I come home from school and stare at my ceiling for hours because I feel hopeless and I can’t find the motivation to do anything with my life because I’m in constant fear of failing more. I wish that my teachers knew that when I don’t get my work done; it’s not because I don’t want to do it. It’s because I can’t find the motivation to even eat some days, let alone do my school work.
I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for more than half of my life. In junior high, I started self-harming. That led to two suicide attempts and hospital visits. While I was in the hospital, I learned to channel my feelings into music. When I started high school band, the feeling of constant emptiness and numbness went away for a little while. Even though I’ve found coping skills that have kept me clean for two years, I still struggle everyday. I’m not the typical person that seems like they would struggle with this. Most people don’t know the constant fight that I’m having with myself because all they see is someone who tries hard in school, seems pretty friendly, and never gets in trouble. I wish that people didn’t form a stereotype for what those with mental health issues have to look like and act like. – Anonymous

Sixth grade was the time when I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Both of my parents have both of those issues, so I am clearly very likely to be stricken with it. I wrote a note to one of my friends at school saying how she “shouldn’t be friends with someone who’s going to end up dying anyway”, indicating myself. She told the teacher about the note, and long story short, I ended up going home early from school. My mom was so distraught, we had a looooooong talk when I got home. She was scared for me. I eventually was taken to the doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, with corresponding anti-depressants. Now, several years later, I don’t so much struggle with my depression anymore (I usually more so in the winter months), but still my anxiety will act up easily, even with taking the anti-depressants. My mind will wonder with so many “what ifs” and far-fetched possibilities that will probably not even happen. I’ve let that mindset pull me back from doing things I could’ve had the time of my life doing. What I’ve learned with having these mental issues is that the fact of HAVING them does not make you a stronger person. It’s how you still DEAL with everyday problems like a normal person would, not letting your mental issues be a crutch to fall back on or an excuse. – Anonymous

Growing up I felt pretty worthless. Like maybe I just annoyed everyone. I felt guilty for feeling certain ways. Several years ago, I started to self harm after a bullying incident. I kept to myself shutting family and friends out. I thought it would be best that way. Keep others away from me. I thought I was protecting them. I hated myself and who I was. I was able to go to a really good retreat in 2016 and tell my parents about my problem. I was never clinically diagnosed with depression until recently. I went to counseling for a couple of months and that helped a lot. I thought I was done with all of that. But life hit me again. I started feeling lonely. My eating and sleeping patterns changed drastically, and still I kept to myself. The feeling of guilt kept coming back to me. I thought maybe I was just feeling a little sad and it will pass. This went on for a few months. Finally I got to the point where I almost committed suicide. I was so close, but I talked myself out of it. Like maybe if I waited a little longer I will be ok. Those extra few minutes saved my life. Couple days later I felt so wore down by keeping this secret that I told my parents. It wasn’t easy and I don’t think it is for anyone. Because you still have this feeling of guilt, but you know that getting help is the best option for everyone. So recently I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety. It hit me hard and I was scared of what was going to happen. I was scared of what others would think of me. I was already self conscious of who I was and this just added on to it. I started taking the medication and my diet and sleep improved a ton. I’m still battling the war inside my head everyday. It’s exhausting because every day I have to fight with the monsters inside me. Because of my mental illness I’ve learned to be more compassionate, kind, and open minded. Yes it’s sucked, but in a way I wouldn’t change myself for the world. Kindness is so important in this world today, especially with the rise of teen depression. So smile at others in the hall and compliment each other best you can because what you say can make someone’s day. – Anonymous

I was abused as a child and I struggle with many mental issues including but not limited to the ones aforementioned. Some days are harder than others and with mental issues comes bad thoughts which makes it hard to even get through the day. I am currently on medication for my depression. I’m getting help, and I have a family who supports me. The only person who can fix/adapt mental issues is you. There is no miracle cure, just work within oneself to overcome struggles both inside and out. – Anonymous

I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and severe anxiety since I was a pre-teen. It has progressively gotten worse as the years go by and I have been on a few different medications. I cry very often and feel hopeless most days. I really just wish that I could handle my emotions like a normal human being. I feel so isolated from everyone and I feel that no one truly understands me and that I’ll never have true friends. I feel judged and disliked by nearly everyone at school and finding the motivation to get out of bed is a struggle. I feel that I push people that care about me away because I am so afraid of being hurt. I recently told my ex-best friend about my eating disorder and she basically just told me to eat and that it would go away. She didn’t even want to hear it. I am struggling through each and everyday and I feel so empty. I hope that someone can read this and maybe relate and not feel so alone. – Anonymous

I am 16 and have already gone through so much in my life. The problem is that no one wants to listen for that reason. Because I am young my problems aren’t taken seriously. They are shrugged off as being “just that age” or that it is “something everyone has.” I have Bipolar disorder and can’t help when I lash out. I can be incredibly happy one moment, frustrated for no reason the nest, or wanting to not leave my bed all day. It doesn’t help my family at all and I try to apologize. They just don’t get it. They can’t see that when I can’t leave the bed it isn’t because I am lazy, but rather not able to shut my head off about negative thoughts. I weigh 130 pounds and I am 5’6. I get called fat on a constant basis by my peers because I have this very little amount of bloating in my stomach every morning. It goes down after a while, but the comments said by others don’t. I have to make sure now that when I look in the mirror that my stomach isn’t “clinging” onto the fabric because it isn’t toned. I can’t wear shorts because then my stretch marks from growing will show and I am immediately labeled as fat. I have scars all down my back and can’t let them show because they are ugly. This is why kids today are having problems. People aren’t making a effort to try and understand what’s happening. People only want to hear what they want and give you their unneeded comments along with it. – Anonymous

My childhood was kinda rough. My parents were divorced when I was three and when I was five my dad’s girlfriend at the time had abused me.Then everything calmed down after a few years. Until everything had caught up with me in junior high. My father hasn’t really been there for me that much and I had found out why my parents had gotten a divorce. Once I got to high school I got a boyfriend and we were fine for awhile until he pressured me into sex and then he would mentally and physically abuse me. We were off and on until i was fed up with him hurting me. I don’t know where a lot of my depression came from. All I remember is it just slowly coming on and my anxiety happened at the end freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year – Anonymous

I wasn’t diagnosed with both anxiety and ADHD until the third grade. I was bullied and felt like I didn’t fit in until I got treated for both things which is medication. I have to take medication everyday for my ADHD and if I forget to take it I become very agitated with myself and others which causes the anxiety. I have learned to cope with both things by take a minute if needed to calm down and to collect my thoughts. ADHD causes what I call swimming thoughts, which in the mind is like having 3,000 tabs open at once which slows the brain down just like it would with a computer.  Then that causes agitation because you are trying to focus on to many things at once which then causes the anxiety but I have learned to cope by taking medication and then taking a minute to collect my thoughts. – Anonymous

These are the stories of your peers, your students, your friends, etc. There are nearly 100 more stories of people who have dealt with certain mental health issues, some since they were pre-teens. It is a real issue and many are afraid to speak up. Thank you to those who responded. Thank you to those who help someone with a mental health issue. Thank you for being strong enough to share your story.  Even though you can’t necessarily see the internal struggle in someone, people can be dealing with many issues in their lives.

Please, if you need help: on the school home page click Safe Schools to anonymously report an issue:

Suicide/Crisis Hotline – 1-800-273-TALK

Crisis Texting Hotline – 74141

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

DCS hotline: 1-800-800-5556

Here are some local resources for you to use as well.  All of these places accept numerous insurance plans:

  • The Landing (Healing Hearts program, Rise Above it events, SMART recovery program, etc.)
  • Mental Health Partners (teen support group)
  • Healthy 365 (
  • Community Behavioral Health (offers weekly support group meetings for mental health)
  • Oases Counseling (offers mental health and addiction treatment)
  • Families First (offers mental health therapy in groups or individual sessions)

‘Infinity War’ does not disappoint

by Aden Kropp/Staff Writer

Imagine half of the universe gone with the snap of someone’s fingers. Now imagine that that someone is none other than the most powerful being in the universe and you, with the help of some of your colleagues, have to defeat him. This is the premise of the movie Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity War stars many heroes from the other Avengers movies, as well as heroes from other movies. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Chris Pratt as Star-Lord are just a few actors of the all-star cast in Infinity War.

The movie takes place some time after the last Captain America movie, Captain America: Civil War. At the end of Civil War, the Avengers split up due to conflicting ideas of how to deal with a multitude of problems. When Infinity War takes place, the group is still in shambles. However, when Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, tries to eliminate half of the population of everywhere, The Avengers must reunite to take him down.

The entire movie revolves around Thanos trying to kill half of the population so as to eliminate the ever-increasing problem of overpopulation. The movie stars Thanos as less of a villain, but more of a misunderstood hero, who truly believes that the answer to overpopulation is to kill half of everybody. He tries to complete his goal by collecting all of the infinity stones, all of which contain great power.

The movie is loaded with everything you would want to see in a superhero movie. It has a powerful hero, and an even more powerful villain. The battles were very epic. All in all, the movie was good. My only complaint would be that the movie ends in a large cliffhanger. I won’t tell you what the cliffhanger is, but I will state that the movie has an obvious sequel. The sequel is unnamed for right now, but will be coming out in  2019. The next movie is a must-see for people who watched Infinity War so they can know how the amazing saga ends.

To get a better understanding of the Avengers saga, you should see the previous movies. As Infinity War combines almost all of the heroes from many different movies, following the routine of viewing all the other movies might be a difficulty. The big movies that should be watched to fully understand Infinity War include: Doctor Strange, Spiderman Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, and Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2.

Love, Simon warms the heart

by Halle Wynn/Staff Writer

Brimming with emotion and amusement, Love, Simon portrays an emerging teen relationship. This movie is not just another high school musical; Love, Simon tells a different kind of tale.

Love, Simon features a teen who faces the challenges of coming out. The main character endures challenges and fears approval from his family and friends.  In the movie, a romance builds when Simon mingles with a peer through social media.

Eventually, Simon falls madly in love with this male teen whose identity is not revealed. In the course of time, the anonymous individual reveals his name as “Blue.” Although Simon and this classmate grow closer, the relationship remains hidden from those acquainted with Simon.

 A character named Martin arrives in the film to provide some plot twists and turns. Drama club fanatic Martin is infatuated with Abby, who is one of Simon’s best friends. When Simon’s emails with Blue are found by Martin, Simon fears a social backlash. Martin agrees to not tell anyone, but forces Simon to accomplish a personal favor for him. Martin declares Simon has to help him impress the so-called hottest girl in school.

Dedicated to hiding his relationship and sexuality, Simon helps Martin and experiences mental chaos along the way. The complicated and unexpected journey of revealing Simon’s sexuality will leave viewers impressed.

Director Greg Berlanti demonstrates his exquisite skill with this well-organized film. Not only has Berlanti directed Love, Simon, but also Life as We Know It and the astounding TV series Political Animals as well. In addition, Berlanti proves his love for directing romantic comedies with The Broken Hearts Club and of course, Love, Simon.

Not only is Love, Simon educating, but a relatable movie to go see, with all the romantic drama. On another point, the soundtrack parades the movie with songs such as “Love Lies” by Khalid and Normani and “Never Fall in Love” by Jack Antonoff and MØ.

Actor Nick Robinson displays believable and cheesy skills by portraying an emotional teenage guy. Regardless, the film certainly shows everyone deserves a magnificent love story. In the end, Love, Simon is a heart-warming story.


FAR CRY 5 scores on graphics, story

by Gavin Hudson/Staff Writer

Far Cry 5 was one of the most anticipated games of this year and with good reason. Set in current day Montana, in a fictional “Hope County,” a cultist group has taken over. With the main antagonist being named Joseph Seed and the Protagonist being unnamed, it makes for an interesting story.

When you first load into the game it will ask you to create a character which no Far Cry game has ever done. I felt like there were very minimal options compared to a create-a-character system from Fallout but that is me being picky. Once you have created a character, you will be thrown into the story, where you are in a helicopter talking about how you are going to arrest the cult leader. One of your companions is talking about how you should just go back and get the National Guard involved but that does not occur. After a walk through their camp with creepy cultists staring at you, you enter Joseph Seed’s church. When you go in, he accepts getting arrested and says if God wants him to be free he will help him. At this point the cultists attack and you run away and begin your Far Cry adventure.

My experience with the beginning was just my constantly thinking about how awesome and amazing the graphics look and I still think it has some of the top graphics of some games competing with it right now. As for content, I have poured four days into the game and still have not come close to 100 percenting it. I did, however, beat the main story in 3 days, which was a product of my constantly playing it, so with casual playing, I would assume it would take about a week and a half or so. If you are looking for content this game has many side missions and collectibles to hunt for.

Far Cry 5 has a lot to offer and is definitely a pick up for any completionist or anyone trying to find a game that will last them a long amount of time.

Dark Tower book series lives up to the hype

By Aden Kropp/Staff writer

Image courtesy of

Dystopian novels prove to be a difficult task for authors, but when done correctly, can leave the reader wanting for more. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower keeps readers captivated and wishing for more of King’s series. I had gotten the book as at the end of December 2017. Being a picky reader, I had my doubts. However, once I picked the book up, I couldn’t put it down until I had read it all.

The Gunslinger is the series’ first book. The novel is named after the protagonist, Roland of Gilead A.K.A. The Gunslinger. Roland pursues The Man in Black, a man who is tied to Roland’s shady past, through a desert wasteland.Throughout the book, Roland is seen as a vigilante of sorts, as his deeds are reflective of not only his personality, but what he will do to finally capture his target. During his adventure, he meets many people, including a woman named Alice, and a boy named Jake from New York.

The boy named Jake is an innovative character of King’s. In an entirely different world, Jake dies, but is mysteriously teleported to the planet on which the story takes place. Jake is a frightened, 11 year old boy, and when the Gunslinger meets him, our hero is met with another task, to figure out what Jake’s doing here. The other supporting role in the story is Alice. She fits in with her surroundings, even though her surroundings are full of crazy people. I won’t spoil the book for you, but when Roland meets Alice, he has one more reason to find The Man in Black.

The series takes place in two separate locations as Roland chases his quarry, an apocalyptic desert, and the high fantasy realm of Gilead. Both locations are superbly put together. The desert is described in detail as being bland and dreary. The town in the desert feels like an old, cowboy-infested town that you see in western movies, without the cowboys. Inhabitants of the town are hopeless, and are excellently portrayed as if they have no meaning in their life. The fantasy aspect is only detailed in Roland’s flashbacks, but is still an integral part of the story and setting. Gilead allows for a break from the bleak wasteland. It’s pictured as a grassy utopia, a contrast from the desert. With extravagant castles, a monarchy, and no immediate problems, Gilead feels like a picture right out of a Disney storybook.

The Gunslinger has a rich story and beautiful settings. The easiest way to figure out if a book is right for you is to compare it to other books that you’ve read, for example, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future, where people must fight to the death in an arena every year. This book is a lot like The Gunslinger, due to its unusual, but spectacularly put lore, its diverse settings, and its characters’ colorful personalities.

The Dark Tower series is a long series, with a total of 7 books. If you don’t want to put that much commitment into a series, you might enjoy the major motion picture the series was adapted to. The Dark Tower movie adaption condenses the 7 books into one extraordinary movie. It stars Idris Elba as The Gunslinger and Matthew Mcconaughey as The Man in Black. However, if you’re looking for a good book, read The Gunslinger by Stephen King.

The dangers of cutting fine arts programs

by Kendra McKinney/Staff Writer

If you go to Greenfield-Central High School, then being in a fine arts class is fairly common. We have concert band, marching band, many art classes, and several different choir groups. We also have cooking classes and three different languages you choose to learn. As a school we are very lucky to have all these opportunities.

This can’t be said about other schools in Indiana. Schools like IPS have been cutting these classes in the last few years. Why?  There isn’t enough money to go around and schools must find ways to cut their budgets.  In 2015, it was announced that IPS would see a decrease of $16.9 million in state education funding.  In addition to the cuts over the last couple of years, Present Trump’s new budget cuts could also cause after-school programs currently offered to be cut.  Unfortunately, when “school budgets get squeezed, music and the other arts take the first hits,” according to James Caterall, a UCLA professor in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies in a March 2014 article on  Why is this?

Fine arts can be the first to be cut because they are not a clear money maker.  Unlike sports programs, typically fine arts events like band and choir concerts do not charge entrance fees.  This makes it easier for budget decision makers to keep sports programs as a way to increase money for the school.

Another reason for fine arts programs to be cut is the large cost for the programs.  They require specialized teachers.  There is even a larger specialization for music teachers making it necessary for schools to determine what type of music classes to offer.  

These cuts are not supported by everyone.  In response the IPS budget cuts, Scott McCormick, founder and president of the National Association of Music Parents, based in Fishers, says “it frustrates him any time a district moves in this direction because of the proven benefits of arts education.”  IPS school board member Gayle Cosby was also unhappy with the cutbacks, stating “school autonomy should result in more program choices for schools and kids, not fewer,” according to the 2015 article “Music Program Cuts Worry Some IPS Community Members.

So, why should schools keep fine arts programs?  “The students deeply engaged with any of these or other school-based activities are likely to be students happiest about being in school and the most successful all around,” according to Caterall’s article.  There are also studies to support that children who participate in fine arts programs do better in school overall.  In the late 1990’s a study by Frances Rauscher and Gordon Shaw showed that listening to Mozart gave college-age kids more spatial reasoning skills, as Caterall’s article pointed out.  This study caused additional studies over the years that showed students of all ages benefited from music programs.  

The cutting of these programs has a large effect on low-income children. At school may be the only way for these kids to be introduced to these subjects.  Other kids may have parents who can afford to put them in private lessons.  If we cut these programs there may be children out there that are really good at music or even art that will never know it.

Schools need to look at their budgets and find ways to keep these programs.  One thing some schools are doing is charging for fine arts events, making them on a more even level with sports programs.  Our children need to have the opportunity to find out if they have a talent for the fine arts.  A way to express their creativity.   And if the studies are right, help them with other school subjects.  




‘Curious Incident’ portrays unique perspective of autism

by Analicia Cass/Staff Writer

Often movies and plays are viewed by an audience that is unaware the stories are based on the plot of a book. The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime is one of those times.

It all starts when this boy Christopher – who  is high on the autism spectrum – finds his neighbor’s dog dead in the yard with a pitchfork sticking in it. The The Curious Incident is about him investigating who killed the dog because it is his belief that the person should be punished the same as a person who murders another. When Christopher finds out the culprit is someone he’s close with, he feels like that person may harm him too; he goes to be with his mother in a city far away. In the end, he is back home and all is well, or as well as it could be. Through his adventure he is caught by police, faces terrifying obstacles, and has to learn how to live with autism in the outside world.

I went to see The Curious Incident in October. The play was amazing! It portrayed the characters very well. I was able to see the characters acting and speaking the same way while I read the book. The man who played the main character, Christopher, is on the autism spectrum, but not at the level of the character he portrayed. He had an inside view of what it is like to be on the spectrum and did his best to show it to the audience so there would be no misconceptions. During an after-show questionnaire, he said it was important for him to portray this character properly because having autism in the real world is hard, harder than most things in life. A few other members of the cast also had family members on the spectrum and the play was important to them because they tried their hardest to represent regular everyday people and how they judged or treated an autistic person. With the cast having this insight, it made the play even more intriguing.

Both the play and the book had a unique perspective on how this storyline would actually go for a teenager with autism. He has more obstacles and hardships than the average person who would just bury the dog and be sad. He has a harder time with emotions and speaking to people. With Christopher’s autism being high on the spectrum, he shows the fidgeting in his hands and when something upsets him he screams and curls up on the ground and sometimes hits himself. This is the side of autism few people speak about, and this book and play really represent it realistically.

As you watch there are parts that make laugh until your sides hurt. There are parts that make you rethink how you’ve talked to others; they make you rethink your actions. There are even parts where you want to cry with them and you can feel their pain.

The book is depicted wonderfully through the play; it even seems as though there aren’t any details missing from the play that are found in the book. From the emotions and appearance of the characters all the way to the small details. The book is very descriptive because it is told from the point of view of a teenager with autism and he pays very close attention to the small details.

The book is an amazing read and I do recommend it to everyone. It is eye opening and the details really don’t let you put the book down. And the play, no matter the cast, is incredible; even though it changes from play to play, you’re guaranteed a show that pays attention to detail and will exceed your expectations.

Season 8 TWD premiere, “What’s all the hype about?”

by Megan Schoonover/Staff Writer


Review, Cast Thoughts, and Character Development

AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered with its first episode of season 8 on Oct. 22. This episode marked their 100th episode and there has been tons of hype. There have been many interviews with members of TWD’s cast, including NYC 2017’s Comic Con.

   Austin Amelio (who plays Dwight) in an interview at Comic Con disclosed, “I think this is the most action packed season we have had. It’s going to be an insanely good season. The show is relentless, man.”

   Last season we saw Rick being crushed under Negan’s power. Rick went from being a powerful leader to being under Negan’s thumb. Now this new season is all about Rick rising up and fighting Negan.

   In question to this new season The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick asked, “Is Rick back now?”

   Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) replied, “I’m going to unpackage pain. In fresh and unimaginable ways on the doorstep of Negan.”

   We saw in last season that Carol withdrew from everyone, until she was told what was going on.

   Hardwick inquired, “Is Carol ready to fight now. She seems pretty ready?”

   Melissa McBride (who plays Carol) responds happily with, “She’s ready to fight…”

   So in this upcoming season we will get to see her character develop to be an even stronger fighter and perhaps the relationship between her and Daryl ( played by Norman Reedus) will flourish.

   “He’s the closest to her than I think any of them are,” McBride suspected in a recent episode of The Talking Dead.

With the death of Maggie’s (played by Lauren Cohan) husband Glenn (played by Steven Yeun) she was devastated. Leading up to this season she started to become vengeful and work her way into being a leader for Hilltop. In this season she has become the leader for Hilltop and we had one of the best scenes in this show. The scene was between her and Rick preparing for all out war. It had such a huge impact of emotion.

   However with that said, of how much she has grown as a character, has anyone noticed how something else isn’t growing? Judith (Rick’s daughter played by over 16 actresses) is getting older and growing but pregnant Maggie’s stomach isn’t? Yet they reference in the first episode that she is in her second trimester? We aren’t sure if this will somehow connect to the story or not, but nevertheless Maggie is ready for this war.

  In a review on, “The Walking Dead Season 8: Everything You Need to Know,” writer Noel Murray commented, “Get ready for what could be a grueling ‘all out war’.” To review, the “all out war” is between Negan and Rick.

   The first episode of this new season has us excited for what Rick will do next and if he will overpower Negan. I will tease a bit; Rick has completely changed. He has turned all this pain and shame into wrath against Negan. If you watch just the first episode you will understand.

   It is very worth watching. Last season’s first episode was crazy and this season’s was not as off-the-wall but was so much better substance-wise. We get to see all these characters developing (ie. Rick, Carol, Maggie). I promised not to have any spoilers so you just have to see for yourself!

Photo Credit: Photo:


College Freshman Advice

By Annalee Rowlett/ Staff Writer

Be organized – get a calendar or whatever it takes for you to know when assignments are due.

Wake up for class! Totally worth going to, usually

Make time for you – Be sure you set aside some time and activities that help you relax and take the stress out of your day or week.

Keep track of your money

Don’t cut corners –. College is all about learning. If you procrastinate and cram, you may still do well on tests, but you’ll learn very little. Even worse, don’t cheat on term papers or tests.

Put yourself out there.

Drink coffee, and lots of it.

Do laundry at least once a month.

Don’t be scared to try new things. In fact, try everything – Maybe join a club, sports team or something.

DC Rebirth Review

By Eric Morales/ Staff Writer

For the casual fan, terms such as “The New 52” and “Flashpoint” are far too foreign. To the serious fans of DC, those words mean far more than one realizes.

DC has a record of resetting their continuity, timeline, and status quo. The story arc “The Button” introduces the idea that one of the resets is not the fault of the Flash, but of the watchman character’s “Doctor Manhattan.”

So what is The Button? In the Watchmen comics, the Comedian’s button is one of-if not the-most iconic symbol/object in the watchmen universe. This is strange because DC and Watchmen are completely different entities and universes. Think DC and Marvel.

In the lore of DC, the Flash ran back in time to save his dead mom from the Reverse Flash. That made the flash enter a universe where everything was worse than before, so he ran back and stopped himself from saving his mom. This in return caused a butterfly effect and created the New 52.

The New 52 is the big reboot of the status quo. Origins changed, new heroes exist, and more was the result of Flashpoint. Once again DC said “Nah, fam. Let’s change and screw around with the timeline even more and get new readers.” Thus, we’re now in the latest change and reset of the status quo, “DC Rebirth.”

In Batman #21-22 and the Flash #21-22, the two heroes investigate the strange button that appeared in the batcave after the events of DC Universe Rebirth #1 way last year. Ever since readers have been given hints of what DC Rebirth is leading up to.

The Button begins with Batman analysing- well- the button. He sat it down next to Psycho Pirate’s (A DC villain with emotion manipulation) mask. This creates a feedback that shocks Batman and makes him see his dad from Flashpoint.

Afterwards, Batman calls the Flash to come check out the button, the deceased Reverse Flash appears and starts beating Batman up for his actions in Flashpoint. The explanation was “A power resurrected [him].” This power and why he was resurrected remains a mystery.

The Reverse Flash wins and takes the button. He even tore up Batman’s dad’s letter he wrote to Bruce from Flashpoint. The monster! He then somehow gets teleported and comes back as a dying corpse in blue fire.

This issue is dark and mysterious. Exactly how a Batman story should be. Overall, this gives more questions than answers about what the Button is and how Doctor Manhattan and the Watchmen are involved.

In the Flash #21 and Batman #22, the duo use, I kid you not, the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time and solve this problem. The Cosmic Treadmill. The treadmill that can travel through time. Brilliant, huh?

After that they travel to Flashpoint (the button lead them there) where they find Batman (Thomas Wayne) and our Batman (Bruce Wayne) have a touching moment. In the Flashpoint universe, Batman dies and his dad becomes Batman and his mom becomes the Joker. They see Thomas about to blow up the Batcave as Atlantis and the Amazons are about to attack (Long story, basically Flashpoint was super messed up.)

After an exchange, they end the comic with them traveling through time and away from Flashpoint.

DC is confusing, especially if you just got introduced to the world of comics. This was more for the fans who read the New 52 books and Rebirth. As The Flash is a scientist and Batman is a detective, it was a great team up from the start.

The exchange with Bruce and Thomas Wayne was very emotional. Especially after Bruce told Thomas that in his timeline, he had a son- Damian Wayne (the new Robin) ; Thomas is a grandfather.

Then as they were about go through time and leave Flashpoint, Thomas said to Bruce to take care of his son and stop being Batman.

This 4-part crossover is nearing its conclusion, but the mystery will continue. I can’t wait to see where the story takes us and how the Watchmen are involved. There’s so many questions and not enough answers.

As the writers have said before, this is the jumping off point for Rebirth and the story arc is just getting started. I would recommend this to readers and I feel like this has a lot of potential for the future.