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Men’s, women’s swim teams capture sectional and post-season titles

by Jackson Smith/Staff Writer

The GC men’s swim season recently wrapped up on a high note.

This year, both men’s and women’s teams did very well, with both teams placing first at sectionals. The girls have now won the past 4 sectional events, and the boys have won the past 7 events. Along with this, our boys broke 6 school records and 5 sectional records. along with that Zack Cook became the first swimming state champion in GC history when he won the 100 meter Butterfly. The girls ended up breaking 3 school records and 5 of their events went to state, as well.

John Scott, 11, said, “I’m really glad about how these season went. All of us improved so much and the atmosphere is great. We really worked as a team, and I feel like we’re all one with each other.”

With their record breaking season coming to a close, teammate and state champion Zack Cook, 11, said of the season, “This year’s season has gone swimmingly. We’ve been able to compete at a higher level than in previous years which has shown our progress and improvement.

Cook talked about some of the training for the season. “We have pushed our physical training especially in the weight room this year. However, our mental aspect of the sport has a lot of room for improvement,” he said. “Thinking through the technique of each stroke is crucial as well. Just like studying for a test, we have to study for the race by thinking thinking through each aspect and detail of it.”

Further, he does feel that the team has improved immensely in the past few years, elaborating with, “We take our training and competition more seriously by going into practices and races with optimism and not giving into bad attitudes. Away from swimming, we have been developing our leadership skills throughout the team, school, and community.”

Though we are losing some senior swimmers this year, we can hope to see some new faces coming in from the middle school team.  “It feeds right into high school swimming and does a great job of preparing athletes. The middle school team has a very large girls’ side, but lacks in numbers for the guys,” Zack said.

Personally, Zack plans on training hard for next season and is working on finding the right college to extend his swimming career.  

Wrestling Team Rising to the Top

By Chloé Westra/ Staff Writer

Photo: Aaron Young, 12, takes on his opponent at the New Palestine 6-Way Invitational. 

GCHS’s wrestling team had a successful season, with a winning record of 18-8 and 3 state qualifiers.

Prosperity for individual team members or just the team itself is an achievement, but a combination of the two is quite the accomplishment. Not only did the GCHS wrestling team finish the season with a record of 18-8, but some wrestlers came away with incredible individual success.

Carter Noehre (11) was the Connersville Varsity Spartan Classic champion. Gavin Rose (10) and Lee Dullaghan (12) were both HHC Conference champions. Brad Lowe (11) and Noehre were both sectional and regional champions. Lowe, Noehre, and Rose each proceeded to state where Rose placed 7th in his weight class.

Taylor Gibson (11), wrestling manager, remembers some other special achievements; “We also had 9 of our 14 boys make it out of sectionals into regionals[, and of those,] 6 to semi-state.”

On top of their accomplishments, the GCHS wrestling team has much more to boast about.

“Teenage boys don’t usually show each other how much they love each other; they do, they just don’t always show it.  I am amazed at how much these guys show each other that they care,” said Josh Holden, head coach. The old saying goes ‘There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’’, and the GCHS wrestling team leads by example.

Coaches always say that finding a team that truly cares about the program and the sport more than themselves is a feat. Coach Holden has done just that, and he knows it.

“This year we have a team full of awesome guys who care about each other.  They care about doing the little things right.  And, they care about our program.  Teams like this are fun to coach,” Holden said.

The 2016-17 season has been one to remember for the GCHS wrestling team, full of unforgettable moments.

“It’s incredible that we took 3 kids to State [this season]. I went to state last year as a freshman by myself, but I didn’t have my brothers wrestling with me,” Rose said. “[It was] going to be different because [I was not] going to be alone.”

From the wrestlers to the coaches, it would be safe to say that everyone involved in the GCHS wrestling team is proud of what they achieved this season. “We have never had three State qualifiers who were underclassman before,” Holden said.

As for next season? With the three state qualifiers returning next season, Coach Holden says it best: “The future looks really bright.”

Lady Cougars basketball prepares for sectionals

by Maria Kihega/Staff Writer

The G-C’s women’s basketball team has been playing hard this season against different, tougher teams around Indiana, even some out of state, but Jan. 14 was not any normal game.

Every year, the girls host a game dedicated to cancer survivors and those that are battling through the illness. The girls gathered around the court, while Mr. Oliver read poems about how hard the battle is to defeat cancer. After the reading of the heart-warming stanzas were over, cancer survivors and fighters stood up from their spot on the bleachers while the girls gave each of them a flower to show their appreciation towards their effort of defeating the disease.

“This is my favorite game to host not just for the girls, but for the real fighters that deserve recognitions and appreciation,” said Doug Laker, women’s basketball coach.

For some players, this is their first experience being a part of cancer night and the feelings they received made them realize how important it is to give back and remorse the ones that weren’t as lucky as them.

“I’ve been to a couple of the past cancer nights to watch my older sister play, but actually being a part of it just gives me the feeling of wanting to give back, because they’ve been through a journey of pain and suffering that they couldn’t control,” Hannah Ferrell, 9.

The team also celebrated a huge win from the Hall of Fame tournament that was hosted in Connorsville. There were teams from all over the country, but nothing stopped the Lady Cougars from coming out on top.

“Plainfield was definitely our biggest competition there. We played them in Regionals last season and it was a close game, but the girls pushed through the pressure and got the win,” said Madison Wise, 12.

“There were a couple times where we had to call a time-out and have everybody settle down and focus on the play instead of focusing on the scoreboard,” said Katie Helgason, 12.

Along with the team’s success, Madison Wise has hit her 2000th career point against the Yorktown Tigers on January 24, which was a very special event, but not from just her breaking her record. That Tuesday was senior night for women’s basketball where the senior players get to play their last home game of their high school career.

“After I hit my 1000 point, I wanted to hit another thousand, and what a better way to do that than on my senior night? It was an amazing night,” said Wise.

The girls will be playing Richmond on Jan. 31 as their first round of sectionals at home.

Seniors take in last semester as GC Cougars

by Samantha Kihega/Staff Writer     

The 2017 class is in the midst of their last semester  as GC Cougars.   Many great athletes will move on from GC this year, including Morganne Denny, Joshua Mundell, Austin Mullins, Madison Wise, Katie Helgason, and many more.

According to Joshua Mundell, 12, “Senior year is bittersweet. I am excited for the next step but at the same time I am going to enjoy my final stretch of high school,” said Mundell.

Madison Wise, 12, said, “It is sad to know I only have a few months left with the people I’ve grown up with, but also exciting to move on to the next chapter in my life.”

Denny, 12, said that she is very excited to get out in real world and see what it is holding for her.

After high school Mundell will attend college in the fall, but undecided on the university. He added that one possibility is to play basketball at Hanover College after high school.

Wise will be attending Iowa State University to study business and continue her career in basketball. Wise has committed to play basketball at Iowa State for the next 4 years.

Denny will continue her career as a softball player at IPFW and that during the summer she will enjoy her last season getting to play travel softball. “I guess I could thank all of the coaches I have ever had in my life (from softball to even basketball) because without their knowledge and their work ethic in getting me to become a hard-nosed player, then I wouldn’t have the chance in playing in college. And also shoutout to all of my past teammates for also pushing me. Love you fam!!” says Denny.

With leaving GCHS after this semester, Mundell said, “I will miss my friends and the close-knit environment that only high schools possess.”

Denny said, “What I will miss most about GCHS is the community, honestly. Many students have changed my life in positive and even in negative ways, but without my experiences at GCHS I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It may sound a bit cliché, but it’s the truth.”

Wise said,“What I will miss most about GC is all of the people I grew to know over the years.”

GC cheerleaders take state, focus on future

by Sam Kihega/Staff Writer

Picture: Varsity cheerleaders Maci Montgomery, 11, Khloe Shockley, 10, and Marissa Gallo, 11,  lead the Cougars in a cheer during football season.

Greenfield-Central Cheer has had a year that was worth watching. They won state with all their hard work from not only the cheerleaders, but also from their coach, Ms. Laken Peal.

“Winning state gives us a chance to not only celebrate our accomplishments but also to set a standard for our program. It acknowledges the hard work and athleticism that is required to be successful in cheer, and it helps to reaffirm our program’s ability and potential. More specifically, now, we work on skills we want to accomplish for next year’s competition season.” said Coach Peal.

Ava Dickmann, 12, said she was proud of the cheerleaders’ accomplishments as well.

With this being my last year, winning state is bittersweet. I could not have asked for a better end to this season because we accomplished what we aspired to,” she said. Dickmann followed that statement saying after every practice the team would break on the word  “rings” because when you win state, you get rewarded with rings.

Coach Peal spoke about the future after winning state. “With basketball, we are looking forward to working in tandem with our Pep Band. They are they best supporters we have at basketball games, and we love hearing them play as well as chanting with them. They truly get in the Cougar spirit, even when others have a hard time doing so,” she said.  

Another varsity cheerleader, Paige Towle, 9, talked about how different this year was from last year. “It is very different. At junior high practices it was a lot more laid back. This year I felt more pressure, since I was a freshman. The actual routine itself was so much harder this year.”

Towle added that the atmosphere at games and competitions was also a change from the past. “Last year, you were lucky if the football players at least looked near you while you were cheering. This year we have students in the stands to cheer with us. It is more fun to make faces at your friends while you do the motions to a cheer than staring at an empty section in the bleachers,” she said.

Towle also pointed out what she would like to see happen in the future for the cheerleaders. “I think that throughout the years, I would like to see us work on being cleaner and making everything perfect. Even when we hit everything in the competition, we weren’t as tight as we know we can be. I think when we learn to be tighter and make everything hit, people will think very highly of our team.”

Wrestlers’ goals emphasize strength and focus

by Maria Kihega/Staff Writer

Winter sports are finally here, which means wrestling is back in season! The boys have been working hard in the weight room since the fall and with their first meet on Nov. 19, they get put to the test. The team has set new goals for themselves and have been working on getting stronger.

Carter Noehre made it all the way to semi-state last season and his goal isn’t just to go further.

“My goal is to make it past semi-state. I was there last year and to get further, I got to get stronger and have my mind set on working harder,” said Carter Noehre, 11.

Even the coaches have set goals for their team. “My goal for this team is to get stronger and do their best. Their best is all you can ask for,” said Coach Josh Holden.

A new team also calls for new members. It may be hard developing to a new environment with new people, but according to some of the freshman wrestlers, they have been welcomed to the team as if they were already teammates.

Here is a freshman’s perspective on how they have been welcomed to the team. “I love how they push you and just the atmosphere of the team feels right. It’s good to be surrounded by people who get along with you right off the bat,” said Cooper Noehre, 9.

It is important for teammates to get along and have a good chemistry between them, but it is also important for a coach to notice it too. “It’s so nice to see a team with no drama or beef. I don’t know what goes on outside of practice, but it’s good to see that once they step on the mat, it all goes away,” said Holden.

So far in the season, G-C has placed second in the Elwood Elite 8 Varsity Invitational, falling to Shenandoah in the championship match. G-C also collected a loss against Pendleton Heights 44-18. Upcoming matches include the Western Boone Varsity Duals and a match against Warren Central.

Caption for picture: Carter Noehre, 11, pins his opponent in the 2015-16 season. Noehre went to Semi-State in the 15-16 season.

Cross country sends Hansen to state

by Stevie Guinn/Staff Writer

Jacob Hansen, 12, has ended this cross country season on a high note by being the first GCHS runner to go to state since 1989. In the beginning of his most successful season, he had set high standards for himself. With help from his coach, Aaron Smith of the math department, he trained himself to run 3.1 miles under 16 minutes.

Teammate Will Wickham, 10, stated that Jacob shows the potential of hard work and dedication. “Jacob going to state was a big sense of pride for the entire team,” explained Wickham. “He is a great team leader and a great friend.”

Coach Smith worked alongside Jacob through the whole season. His hopes for the season was for the whole team to do well and they did. Just about everyone on the team was excited to see Jacob go on to state.

Jacob came in 129th place with a 17:24 run at state. “I wish I could’ve done better at state, but hey, at least I was there.” Hansen finished the year with many accolades, county champion, conference runner-up, sectional champion, regional champion, first state qualifier for the Cougars in 27 years, and the second fastest Cougar ever.

With leaving his last high school season with no regrets, he hopes to run for Purdue’s team. This goes to show that with a little bit of hope and support, you can push yourself to do more than you thought you could do. “He didn’t just win this (regional) meet, he won over the past four years,” said Coach Smith.

Hansen said he was thankful to his friends and family, especially his mother for getting him into running in the first place.

Cougars soar to Homecoming win over Arabians

by Chloe Westra/Staff Writer

With a recent loss to Mt. Vernon looming over them (10 – 27), the GCHS varsity football team sought an annihilation of Pendleton Heights for Homecoming on Friday, Sept. 9.

A hard-hitting loss can knock the confidence out of any athlete. For the Cougars, it was easy to bounce back. Xander Denman, a senior offensive left tackle for the Cougars at #77, said, “I got into last year’s mentality (during the game against Mt. Vernon), which is a losing mentality. To get ready for this game (against Pendleton), I just rested. I recovered. I am refreshed and ready.” Senior tight end at #10, Lee Dullaghan, spoke for the team, “We are just getting our minds right coming from a loss, and mentally preparing.”

In 2015, the GCHS varsity football record was 4 – 6, one of those losses being the Homecoming game. With that in mind, the pressure was mounting as the 2016 Homecoming game neared, and the players were quite aware. Senior right tackle for the Cougars at #60, Aaron Young, said, “The Homecoming game means a lot. We know it’s our chance to showcase all the work we have put in.” Michael Sosnowski, a senior running back for the team at #25, added, “We know it’s going to be very hype. It is going to be loud. A lot of people are going to be there. We can’t let that get to us though; we just have to play our game.”

To ensure a win over the Pendleton Heights Arabians on Friday, the GCHS Cougars spent the week preparing. “We are throwing away the last game, and completely revamping how we are preparing for the next game,” said Denman. Hard work was being put in from all players on all fronts. Sosnowski said, “We just keep constantly running play after play in practice. Defense and offense are doing their thing.”

Before the Homecoming game on Friday, it was quite clear the GCHS varsity team had rebuilt its confidence and was prepared to compete with Pendleton Heights. “I think it will be a good game. They are a good team. But we are hungry for victory, and I think we will pull that win,” Young said.

Key advice was prominent before the game. “Play as hard as you can, as fast as you can, as best as you can,” Dullaghan said. “If we can keep our mentality right, no one can beat us,” Denman said. The GCHS Cougars made sure to be set on the objective, a Homecoming win.

The GCHS Cougars made major moves in the Homecoming game against the Arabians. Key plays included forcing the Arabians to turnover the ball three times.

One mistake from the Arabians at the start of the game set the Cougars off on the right foot. With a high snap from the Arabians, the ball soared over their quarterback’s head, was recovered by the Cougars, and was run for a touchdown by Kyle Morris, 11.

Throughout the game, the Cougars’ defense plowed through the Arabians’ offensive line. Kyle Morris, 11, sacked the Arabian quarterback twice while Ryan Haynes, 12, sacked him once.

In the end, the combination of the major Cougar defensive plays and the momentum of the Cougar offense led to their victory over the Pendleton Heights Arabians. The final score was 31 – 18.

With a Homecoming win under their belts, the GCHS Cougars were lighthearted. Young said, “The team morale was high. Coming off a loss, we were looking for a big win, and we got it.” Denman said, “After we won the game, it was a really special moment for the football team. It was a good feeling to know that all of our hard work had finally paid off.” The GCHS Cougar win against the Arabians pushed their record to a satisfying 3 – 1.

As for the future, the GCHS Cougars are optimistic and determined. “The only team that can beat Greenfield is Greenfield. No one else can stop us. If we can keep our mentality right, no one can beat us,” said Denman. The GCHS Cougars believe the homecoming win against the PH Arabians will set the tone for the rest of their 2016 season. Sosnowski said, “We have a lot to prove. Being able to beat a team like this, it was a big step for the program.” Denman said, “By winning this game against Pendleton, we put a stop to the doubters and restored the faith of the Cougar fans.”

With a hyped student section and a new attitude, it can be agreed that the outlook for the GCHS Cougars is bright. Their determination and mindset are positives. As Denman said, “One play at a time, one game at a time.”