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Coach Wiley helps girls golf team in another successful year

By: Tyler Young/Staff Writer

Photo Caption: Coach Wiley is focused at his desk while doing virtual teaching. Photo by: Tyler Young

Head coach of the varsity girls and boys golf team Russ Wiley is looking for more outstanding seasons to add to his belt of previous successes. Coach Wiley is not only a teacher and golf coach, but also a family man. He lives with his wife and three daughters.

Coach Wiley is from the south side of Indianapolis and graduated in 2001 from Roncalli High School. Coach Wiley attended Indiana University of Bloomington where he had a major in Secondary Education and returned to Ball State in 2011 for his M.A. in Political Science. In his fourteenth year of teaching World History, Wiley has been the head coach of girls’ varsity golf for 11 years now, and in his seventh year of coaching boys’ golf. Coach Wiley has been the head coach of Greenfield Central’s girls’ varsity for 11 years now and in his 7th year for the varsity boys’ golf.

Coach Wiley has had past success and showed coaching skill with both golf teams, including a 16-1 season last year with the girls and a regional appearance with the boys golf team. “The girls have been working really hard and showed me their potential, talents, and love for the game of golf. They  have no doubt that all that hard work is put into practice and off time.” That was Coach Wiley on the topic of the girls’ hard work and hopes for the coming season.

Caroline Gibson, 12, had positive comments to say about Coach Wiley. “Coach Wiley is a wonderful coach; he has put a lot of confidence into my talents and that is what makes him a great coach and person,” Gibson  said.

Coach Wiley said, “This pandemic is new to all of us. The girls are doing their utmost best to get some practice and playing time even if we don’t finish this season.”  The work that this team has put in has shown as Gibson is leading her team in a promising way this fall. They are 13-3 as they head into Sectionals on Monday, Sept. 21.

 Boys’ golf team member Josh Alley, grade 10,  also had positive words to say about Coach Wiley’s leadership. He stated, “Coach Wiley is an amazing person and coach. He has been calm and patient through the pandemic and cancellation of our season last year. He had a really good team and is hoping to go for the state title this year.”


By Hannah Burkhart, Journalism 101 Student

At the Homecoming match on Friday, Greenfield-Central Cougars fell to the Shelbyville Golden Bears in a 31-13 defeat when Shelbyville gained their lead in the second half. The Cougars practiced all week preparing for this game, and as James Gilley, a junior tight end and cornerback stated, “We worked on routes, what coverage for that game, and what routes they ran specifically.”

In the beginning, Greenfield started out a little shaky when Jeremiah Fields, #15, the quarterback for the Cougars, threw an interception to #47 of the Bears. But shortly after, a fumble was made between the handoff from #3, John Lux, the quarterback of the Bears, and #28, a running back. The fumble was recovered by #11, Bryce Ratliff, of the Cougars who ran it downfield and gave the Cougars a significant advantage over the Golden Bears. The Cougars used this advantage to score the first touchdown of the night and leaving the score 7-0. When asked what his favorite play of the game was, Ethan Starkey, a sophomore left tackle and defensive lineman, said, “Our first touchdown. It gave us all a great feeling.”

Shelbyville tackles #47, Andy Kim,12, in the first half of the homecoming game. The Bears ended up emerging victorious over the Cougars, winning
Shelbyville tackles #47, Andy Kim,12, in the first half of the homecoming game. The Bears ended up emerging victorious over the Cougars, winning 31-13.

Shelbyville then sprang into action after the Cougars’ touchdown. They immediately took possession of the ball and responded with a Bears touchdown, setting the score 7-7 before halftime. The Cougars tried to get in a few more plays before the halftime buzzer sounded, repeatedly handing the ball off to #25, Michael Sosnowski, the leading rusher for Greenfield-Central in this face off. Sosnowski, at the end of the game, had 16 carries for a total of 66 rushing yards. They attempted a field goal at the end of their second drive down the field, but the attempt was blocked by a special teams member of the Bears. Even though they were given the turnover, it  lead them nowhere down the field before the halftime buzzer sounded.

After all of the excitement of tying the Bears in the first half, the band’s halftime performance, and the announcing of this year’s Homecoming Queen and King, some were anxious to get back to the game at hand.

The second half began with a Golden Bears’ touchdown leaving the score 14-7. The offense of the Cougars struggled in the second half with our quarterback being sacked 5 times throughout the game. The Bears scored two consecutive touchdowns and a field goal.

In the last minutes of the game at 1:17, the Cougars made their final attempt at putting more points on the board. Sosnowski scored the team’s last touchdown. Though they missed the PAT (point after touchdown), they did manage to give it more of a fight toward the end of the game. The end result of this matchup was 31-13 with the Shelbyville Golden Bears going out on top.

The Cougars quarterback had a positive outlook after the game about how they would continue. He stated, “We have become more like a family since the beginning of the season. We don’t split up after games like this.” So, even with the Cougars record now 2-3, they look forward to their next games and they plan on winning them.